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Inside the Humidor, observing from way beyond Coors Field…

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time then you have obviously noticed that there hasnt been a blogpost since last Oct. Well there is good reason for that. Since the announcing of the hiring of Walt Weiss as manager of the Rockies I right then and there decided it was time to emotionally detach myself from this team. So that’s what I’ve done. No postings, no photos, no following the team online, watching the games on ROOT Sports, etc. I’ve even went as far as to unfollow players on Twitter and unlike players and the team on facebook, even the players I like the most like Carlos Gonzalez, Rafael Betancourt and Dexter Fowler.

I have nothing against Walt Weiss, but we all know that his hiring back in the fall was a joke if you ever saw one from any professional sports organization. A string of them from 20th & Blake come almost as often as a marijuana dispensary opening in Denver on any given day. I do admit that a number of the players I still do care about, Gonzalez, Fowler, Cuddyer, Betancourt and from the bleachers I in my heart hope they will play well day in and day out and that they have a great deal of success. So I’m still connected to the team in those aspects, but still not emotionally and to tell you the truth not being connected emotionally has brought me great relief. I dont worry about the score of the games, The losing streaks dont bother me as they once did, stupid moves by the front office dont even register because I’ve known what to expect and not to expect out of this team and organization from previous seasons. Ask me on any given day who’s pitching and I cant even begin to tell you. I dont even know the order of the rotation! The last thing I can tell you is that Francis is pitching from the bullpen now(scary thought) and Betancourt is on the DL. I dont lose sleep over watching the games stupidest mascot run up and down the stands or as he sits behind home plate in the 9th inning, which by the way should be outlawed by the league for all teams, but especially for Dinger. My wallet has gotten a little heavier as well this season for once. No more $9 beers, disgusting Rockie dogs, undercooked pizzas, overpriced tickets and the like. I dont even celebrate when the Rockies do win, it is what it is basically.

Call it what you want, call me a fair weather fan if you like, but even those who sailed on the Titanic knew when it was time to jump ship. The Rockies have hit the iceberg the hull is cracked and the ship is certainly taking on water heavily. Now I’m in no way comparing the Rockies to the Titanic at all. The Titanic was built as a great spectacle a great wonder mind you. The Rockies on the other hand were built as a great source of revenue for those who own a share in the team, nothing more, but you get the picture either way.

Will I write again in the future? Probably so, but the more that I’ve stayed away from being emotionally attached the better I feel to be honest. I dont feel stressed and even my doctor says that my blood pressure and cholesterol have both gone down. OK that part is a lie, first of all I dont have a doctor and second I dont like doctors, well most of them anyway. So to write again and follow the Rockies could be in the cards for next season. I do love to write! But maybe from a different persepctive, one I havent figured out just yet. But there is the chance that I decide to shut down Inside the Humidor all together and wash my hands of the Rockies completely and the stress of staying up late at night and getting up early in the morning to get my side of the story out there about the Rockies and their ways or winning or losing on and off the field. Who knows what path I will take? Guess you’ll have to stayed tuned and find out.


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