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Yorvit Torrealba

Playing catchup (sort of)…

I’m not going to run through all of the acquisitions for the Rox over the last 2-3 weeks, we all know what has happened. Since the end of Rockiesfest the Rockies front office has been more than busy adding pieces to the roster before heading into spring training. The most recent major acquisition being Melvin Mora to a one year deal who will likely back up Ian Stewart at third base. Of course the big news that happened during Rockiefest was the re-signing of Jason Giambi. If you were at Rockiesfest then you know about what turned out to be the “item of the day” in Giambi player t-shirts and jerseys. Both items had already been marked half price because he hadn’t re-signed and it was assumed he wouldn’t return. But the items remained at half price even after it was learned during Rockiesfest that he had re-signed with the Rockies.

I did get some pictures from Rockiesfest 2010, but not a whole lot of anything different than the year before.

If fans weren’t excited about the Rockies before Rockiesfest, then they should be now. And it should get even more exciting as the start of the 2010 season draws near.

It wasn’t until last night that I’d made up my mind about whether or not to go to spring training this year. I had been looking at the schedule off and on since it had been released and trying to figure in time off from work and such and whether or not I would be able to afford to go. So yes I will be going to spring training. I will be there March 10th-14th. If you really into baseball on the collegiate level(as I am not), the University of Arizona will also be home, hosting the University of Northern Colorado the 12th-14th, though the start times seem to interfere with the Rockies.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post has a great article on how the Rox will miss Torrealba. I totally agree that the Rockies will miss Torrealba on many levels. Hopefully both Iannetta and Olivo will both be solid throughout the season and we dont have to wonder “what if”.


Rockies sign 3 to deals…

The Denver Post reported this afternoon that the Rockies had avoided arbitration with Jorge De La Rosa, Clint Barmes and Taylor Buchholz . De La Rosa reportedly gets a 1 year deal worth just over 5 and a half million. Clint Barmes will get a little over 3.3 million this season, while Buchholz will receive 1.055 million this season after missing the entire 2009 season.

Not that it isn’t possible, but this late in the off season there’s no reason why the remaining players due for arbitration shouldn’t be in Rockies uniforms at the start of spring training. Huston Street, Rafael Betancourt, Ryan Spilborghs, and Jason Hammel are the remaining players up for arbitration.

EXTRA INNINGS – My thoughts on the off season so far. Losing Torrealba will hurt the Rockies some this season, but how quickly Miguel Olivo meshes with the pitching staff and his new teammates, could help the Rockies forget about Torrealba sooner than later. The battle between Olivo and Iannetta in spring training will be something to watch.

As for the loss of Garrett Atkins, losing the 2009 version of Garrett Atkins won’t hurt the Rockies at all. He will be missed in the clubhouse, but nothing he did last season will be.

The Jason Marquis of the first half of last season will be missed a great deal, as he did make the All Star team. What happened in the second half of the season on the mound, not to mention off the mound with the rumors of him wanting to join the Mets will not be missed. If the Rockies are to get to the playoffs this season Jeff Francis has to rebound to win 12-14 games.

– The Rockies 2nd annual Rockiesfest will be held next Saturday January 23rd at Coors Field. This year just like last year will be for season ticket holders only.

– The Denver Post also reported that Rockies TV voice, Drew Goodman won the award for Colorado Sportscaster of the Year. Who really cares? Apparently their criteria isn’t very high at all, kinda like Drew himself.

Olivo, the newest Rockie?

Troy Renck of the Denver Post last night reported that talks appear to be over with the idea of Torrealba resigning with the Rockies. Story here.

Allocation of contract money seems to be the problem as reported. So the Rox have turned their attention more towards Miguel Olivo, whom they’ve shown an interest in over the last month or so.

No deal has been finalized on either side as of yet and I will go as far to say that it doesn’t mean that something still can’t be worked out with Torrealba, though it seems unlikely at this point, according to Renck’s story.

My best guess is that of course should Olivo sign that he and Iannetta would compete for the starting position, but probably because of the new 3 year, $8 million deal Iannetta signed this off season that he’d most likely be named the starter. I’m still taking the wait and see attitude until we hear of a definite signing, because as we all know the Rockies don’t exactly do things in a normal fashion sometimes.

Inside the Humidor would like to wish everyone out there a safe and happy new year! See ya in 2010!

Torrealba and Rox, close but not close enough…

The Denver Post reports this morning that catcher Yorvit Torrealba wants a 2 year $6 million dollar deal and that currently the Rockies and the Venezuelan catcher are apart by $400,000.

As a fan I say come on Rockies, just “Get ‘er dun!” Torrealba at 2 years, 6 million is a better investment than Iannetta at 3 years 8 million. I say that because though Iannetta brings a somewhat solid bat and a strong arm, that bat had holes in it last season and because of that bat, Iannetta lost his starting role as the season went on and despite Iannetta’s strong arm I dont recall anytime last season where threw out any baserunner from sitting in the dugout. This is not to discredit anything Iannetta has done since he’s been wearing a Rockies uniform, but when we’re talking about the Rockies the subject of pitching always is main topic and this is where Torrealba comes in and is better than Iannetta. When it comes to handling the pitching staff, as we saw last season Torrealba is the better between he and Iannetta. Regardless of how many homeruns the Rockies hit in a game or how many runs they score in a season, if the pitching staff isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, the Rockies will not get very far not just next season, but for seasons to come. Go ahead and give Torrealba the additional $400,000 and know that your pitching staff will be more stable with both Iannetta and Torrealba behind the plate than bringing in a Miguel Olivo, who the pitching staff will have to get used to and used to the way he likes to call games.

The Denver Post also reports that Torrealba is due to travel to New York next week to talk with the Mets.

I hope I’m wrong but if this goes on past Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, then I think it’s safe to say that Torrealba will no longer be in a Rockies uniform. I just dont see this dragging on for too much longer.

Rockies & Iannetta settle on 8 million over 3 years…

The Rockies front office can check something off of their shorter than normal checklist this offseason, the signing of Catcher Chris Iannetta to a long term deal. Iannetta gets a 3 year deal worth in the neighborhood of $8 million.

In my opinion I still think a 2 year deal would have been a better option for the Rockies instead of a 3 year deal, but I do give the Rockies credit for not overpaying for what Iannetta has so far brought to the position. I’m still hoping the Rockies get the deal with Torrealba done soon as there is still no word on any signing.

Rox offer 2 year deal to Torrealba…

The Denver Post and also Thomas Harding of both report that the Rockies have offered catcher Yorvit Torrealba a 2 year deal. Details here.

Winter Meetings happenings…

So there has been nothing really big to happen yet at the Winter Meetings for the Colorado Rockies. The positive news is that Rafael Betancourt did accept the Rockies arbitration offer, with the possiblity of a long term deal.

Rockies are in talks with Chris Iannetta about a long term deal. Really? I have nothing against Iannetta, other than he graduated from the University of North Carolina. But how long of a deal are we talking about here? After last season’s .228 batting average and yes there were bright spots for Iannetta where he came up big in games, I can’t imagine there being anything more than a 2 year deal at this point. The idea of signing Iannetta is strictly based on his 2008 season numbers and the hope that he can again get back to similar numbers in 2010. At the same time the Rockies are still in talks with Torrealba and there are rumors of the Rockies being interested in free agent catcher Miguel Olivo.

On the opposite side the Rockies released Matt Murton, who went on to sign with the Hashin Tigers of the Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball league. Murton saw limited action in the majors last season with the Rockies, spending most of the season at Triple A Colorado Springs. Murton came over from the Oakland Athletics in a trade for Rockies minor league Corey Wimberly. Murton in 29 games for the Rockies hit .250, 1 homerun and 6 RBIs.

Nippon Professional Baseball website

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