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Rockies crushed by Cards, stay put at trade deadline…

The Rockies days over these last 2 months of the season are barely seen as being on life support. The Rockies were crushed by the Cards 11-6, in an awful start to the game by Jeff Francis, Francis gave up 5 runs in 4 innings of work, 4 of them coming in the first inning alone. Ottavino fared much worse in relief giving up 4 runs in 2.2 innings.

The Rockies offense despite 12 hits, managed only 6 runs, going 3 for 17 with runners in scoring position, as the Cards opened up the game in the later innings, scoring 6 runs between the 6th and 8th innings.

The Rockies fall to 37-64 on the season and as many of you know are headed to 100 loss season. My personal prediction for the season is a record of 55-107.


Surprising the Rockies remained inactive in any trades at the trading deadline yesterday. The rumors of Betancourt and one or two other players possibly being moved turned out to be just that in the end, rumors. Probably the best non-move of the season so far by the Rockies front office.


Rox put up 15, as Nicasio wins in debut…

Rookie Juan Nicasio making his major league debut tonight, came away with his first win after an impressive pitching performance. Nicasio went 7 innings allowing 1 run, 6 hits, 2 walks and 2 strikeouts on 88 pitches.

The offense woke up tonight with 15 runs on 18 hits. Six Rockies had multiple hits, led by Chris Iannetta’s 4 for 5 night with 2 homeruns and 6 RBIs. Ryan Spilborghs had a 4 RBI night going 3 for 4 at the plate. Now if you’ve been following this team at all this season,you would get too excited about this offensive explosion. At least not yet. It in now ways means that the team has found it’s offensive groove. We wont know that for a few more games, once and if they are able to be more consistent on the offensive side and string together a few wins. Dont get me wrong, the offense tonight was outstanding and a treat to see, especially for players who so far this season have underachieved at the plate, like Iannetta, Tulo and Spilly to name a few. The Rockies can begin to change their misfortunes at the plate starting with tomorrow’s rubber match which features Jhoulys Chacin(5-3, 3.09) going against Kyle Lohse(6-2, 2.06)

Did Barmes cost Ubaldo the Cy Young?..

Though nothing is written in stone as far as the Cy Young award is concerned, but the answer to that question right now would be a resounding YES! How could one think or believe otherwise? I understand that the Cy Young is mostly up to Ubaldo himself and I also understand that with still 6 weeks or regular season baseball that Ubaldo has as just a good a chance as Adam Wainwright or barring a late and certainly possible surge by Roy Halladay to win it. Yea the Rox won, and we’re all happy they did, but come on! Wind or no wind given, it was still a routine pop up and the catch should have been made. What made the catch “not so routine” was that Barmes dropped it, not because of the wind. That’s not to say that Jonathan Herrera or Eric Young Jr would have made the catch, but the fact that the ball was not caught cost Ubaldo the win and almost cost the Rockies the game. I cant say that I was sorry to see Barmes pulled after the failed catch, but I was surprised that Tracy made the move. Kudos to Tracy for doing it.

I’m sure no one feels as bad as Barmes for not making the catch and sealing the win for Ubaldo but there are no excuses for not catching that ball. The Rockies should take a long hard look at second base in the off season and hope that Herrera or Young are ready to take over there.

The Rockies have the day off today as they will take on the Dodgers for a 3 game series at Dodger Stadium before heading to Arizona for 3 more. The Rockies picked up a game on the Giants yesterday and should remain focused on the Giants before worrying about the Padres. Giants are off today and in Philly for 3 games before heading to St Louis later in the week. The Padres go up against the Cubs beginning tonight at Wrigley, then head to Milwaukee to face the Brewers. If there ever was a road series the Rockies need to take control of and come out on top, it’s this one.

Rockies drop series to Padres….

The Rockies are doing their best to imitate the New York Mets from two seasons ago. Losing last night 5-4 to the Padres, the Rox are on a 2 game losing streak and are only 3.5 games now in front of the Braves and 4 ahead of the Giants and Marlins for the NL Wildcard. Jason Hammel had a decent outing with 6 strikeouts through 6 1/3 innings only giving up 2 runs. But after that the wheels came off for the Rockies. Remember that nuclear meltdown I mentioned the Rockies didnt have that they should go into the playoffs as the wildcard? It’s quite possible that the meltdown may have begun with these last 2 games. I say that because the Rox now have to face the Cards in a 3 game series and though historically the Rockies are 38-35 against St. Louis at Coors Field, this series unlike others in the past have playoff implications. But the meltdown for the Rockies doesn’t all take place with what happens on the field at 20th & Blake, because the Braves go into a weekend series against the Nationals in Atlanta and are playing very good baseball winning 8 of their last 10. The Marlins having won 6 of their last 10, face the Mets this weekend. Both the Marlins and Braves are playing better baseball than the Rockies are at this point.

Aaron Cook (10-6, 4.47) returns from injury tonight to face the Cardinals Chris Carpenter (16-4, 2.34) in what should be an interesting and fun series at Coors Field.

Rox sweep Cards, and it’s draft day…

The Rockies pulled off their first series sweep of the season and convincingly so, against one the upper eschelon teams in the league, the St Louis Cardinals. I’m sure Tony LaRussa and most of the baseball media, fans, bloggers, etc didnt see this coming. The Rockies are playing their best stretch of baseball so far this season. Jason Marquis now leads the National League in wins with 8 after yesterdays win, again proving to be the best acquisition of the offseason. Huston Street recorded his 9th save on the year, ranking him 13th in the National League and 22nd in the majors. The Rockies in their 4 game sweep, outscored the Cardinals 33-9.

As you all know it’s draft day today and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that the Rockies are going to focus on pitching on this first day with three picks on this first day.

The Rockies take a shot at extending their win streak to 6 games tonight against the Brewers in Milwaukee at Miller Park. Jason Hammel (2-3) against Braden Looper (5-3). Gametime 6:05 MDT.

Have the Rockies turned the corner?

The Rockies have taken Coors Field with them on the road the last 3 games, outscoring the opposition 31-8. Pitching and hitting have both come together in consecutive games. So the questions begs to be answered. Have the Rockies turned the corner on their season? Regardless of whether or not they win this afternoon, I ask this to find out if the Rockies have now begun to play competitive baseball game in and game out since the series with the Astros? Is this type of play the last 3 games something we can become accustomed to seeing throughout the rest of the season or will they fall back into their playing ways of April and early May? What is good about what is going on right now with the Rox is that it is happening on the road and against a top notch team like the Cardinals. Will it translate when they return to Coors Field next weekend against lesser teams like the Mariners?

One week later…

One week ago the Rockies had dismissed manager Clint Hurdle and made then bench coach Jim Tracy their new manager. The Rockies got off to a fast start winning their first two under their new skipper and then fell hard losing the next four. Then last night they found their way back into the win column with a 10-3 win over the Astros. It’s kinda refreshing listening to Tracy speak about the team and what he thinks they need to do to win games. It’s not the same old excuses, or lack of, that Hurdle fed to the media and to fans. While the results so far haven’t been as dynamic as some would hope 3-4 is not a horrible record after a week considering the injuries and other distractions this team has seen in that time. Tracy is still trying to find the right combination of guys to field and get some consistency from his new team. He’s gonna need time and I hope it comes sooner than later.

If the threat of going down to Triple A makes Garrett Atkins going 2 for 4 on the night in last night’s game, then maybe the Rockies should’ve put that threat out there some time ago. Now one game doesn’t constitute breaking out of a slump but going 2 for 4, with 2 homeruns and 3 RBIs is certainly on the fast track to slump breaking success.

Carlos Gonzalez gets the call to join the Rockies from Triple A Colorado Springs and hopefully provide a jolt to an inconsistent and sputtering offense. Matt Murton is being recalled to Triple A. 

Congratulations to Jason Hammel (2-4) getting his second win on the season. Hammel with plenty of run support went 7 innings striking out 4.

Brad Hawpe, Todd Helton and Jason Marquis will be making the first of two stops in St Louis this season, the second hopefully being the all-star game in July. Strong cases are being made for Helton and Hawpe but not so much for Marquis. Jason at 7-4 on the season is tied with 4 other starters for the lead in wins in the National League. So that alone should be reason to get more votes out there for Jason.

The Rox are in St. Louis for a 4 game series starting tonight with the matchup of Jorge De La Rosa (0-6) vs Adam Wainwright (5-3).