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Jim Tracy

O’Dowd still in charge…

The Rockies announced earlier today that general manager Dan O’Dowd will be shifting some if his duties to his asst general manager Bill Geivett. Geivett will be handling the day to day operations of the Rockies and O’Dowd will focus on the minor league side and player development. And since the announcement social media has been on fire about the Rockies ownership, the Monforts and management and their lack of ability to do anything right, even firing O’Dowd.

How does a general manager let alone any employee with a work record that O’Dowd has, still manage to keep his job? The Rockies are a bunch of idiots to think the fans cant see the blind loyalty the Monforts, O’Dowd, Apodaca and Tracy have for one another. I’ve said all along that the Monforts and O’Dowd are each sleeping in the same bed with one another and as long as it remains that way, nothing will ever change for this organization and the team is concerned and they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

They’re all businessmen and right now business is good despite the second worst record in baseball this season. They’re averaging anywhere from 32-35 thousand fans (though most of them delusional and arent really baseball fans) every night. For example, the Rockies during the most recent series with the Reds averaged 36824 over the 3 game series, with Saturday night having an attendance figure of 42826.

All and all what this “shifting of responsibilities” is a smokescreen and basically means nothing. O’Dowd is still in charge as Geivett still will have to answer to his boss(O’Dowd) and despite Dan “focusing” on the minors and player development(which he is terrible at), he is still in charge of player acquisitions, etc. So spin it how you want Rockies ownership, this fan and a few others that I know and have spoken to arent buying it.

The Monforts arent selling the team and O’Dowd and company dont have the balls to look themselves in the mirror resign their positions. Why should they? Where else can you make money and not have to do anything, but pretend you’re building a ballclub for a fanbase that is made up of many who only attend games for the social aspect anyway and dont care about the club and dont even know what the score is at any point during a game. The hardcore baseball fans at 20th & Blake deserve better. Hell even the players deserve better!

Until that day comes, expect nothing more than the same old tired story year after year at Coors Field.

Oh and while we’re at it, can we get rid of ROOT Sports broadcast team with the exception of Marc Stout and Joel Klatt? The rest are tired and a joke to the broadcasting industry. The fans deserve better here as well.


Rockies unable to tame Tigers…

For the second game in a row the Rockies not only were unable to win, but were also unable to score any runs. After a 12-4 win in game one of the series against the Tigers on Friday, the Rockies were outscored 9-1 over the next two games.

The lineup manager Jim Tracy put on the field was different with Carlos Gonzalez being a late scratch. Eric Young Jr in left field instead of Gonzalez had to have Tigers hitter salivating. I would’ve like to have seen Tyler Colvin in left and Helton playing first instead of having his usual Sunday off.

If there is one thing that bothers me about Jim Tracy it’s his inconsistent lineups. We went through this with Clint Hurdle alot of the time. Stop tinkering with the lineup like it’s a Double A minor league team. The Rockies have proven themselves to be a major league team in name only, with a minor league mentality from the front office, to the manager and coaching staff, to at times the play on the field.

The Rockies have the day off tomorrow as they head to Philly for a 3 game series before returning to interleague play against the Rangers at the end of the week.

Tuesdays probables ROCKIES – Josh Outman(0-2, 8.44) PHILLIES – Cole Hamels(9-3, 3.34)

Rockies extend Tracy(sort of)…

AP Photo/ Haraz N. Ghanbari

AP Photo/ Haraz N. Ghanbari

The Rockies have had a way of sometimes doing things before the start of most every season that makes you scratch your head and wonder, “Who makes these decisions and why?”. Well we know most of these decisions come from Dan O’Dowd and/or the Monforts. What I am talking about here is of course the “extension” the Rockies brass have given Jim Tracy as manager of the Colorado Rockies.

It was reported late yesterday that the Rockies have offered Jim Tracy an indefinite extension. What the hell does that mean?! I mean I know what it means, but where else in the sports world has anyone ever heard of such a thing? This handshake agreement as it’s being called looks and sounds ridiculous. If I were Tracy I would get this “handshake agreement” in writing. (Cover your ass Jim!)

I understand what “O’Dowd and Co.” are wanting to do here. Their aim is to rid the team and the organization of all questions about Tracy’s status in this upcoming year of what was to be the final year of his contract should the team at some point falter and be in the midst of some sort of losing streak. For that I applaud them for wanting to remove that distraction from the players, coaching staff, and team management themselves. And also to provide stability going into spring training and the season. I just have to still wonder why not just give him a normal extension,  like say a 2 year deal to the 2014 season. To me this is like walking around town telling everyone(friends and family) that you’re engaged to your significant other and not having a ring to show as some sort of proof. You get where I’m going with this I’m sure.

It’s nothing against Jim Tracy. I happen to like him as manager of this team, more times than not. Is he the man to lead this team to the playoffs and possibly a World Series? I would say to that, yes. But at the same time  I would like to believe that there are others who might be a better fit. Dont ask me who right now, I’ll save that for another post in the future. I just think that at night sometimes when O’Dowd goes to sleep he has these weird, crazy, and probably disturbing dreams(or ideas), that he comes into the office the next day and he cant help himself but to go through with them!

Anyway enough on this and congratulations to Jim Tracy on his “extension”.

Early Spring Training…

The Rockies season as we head into the first series of September is over. Some like myself would say that it’s been over for a few weeks not if not months. So basically the next 4 weeks of September is really an early version of spring training 2012, just not taking place in Scottsdale, AZ.

While the D’backs look to run away with the division, currently leading the Giants by 6 games. I find it difficult to watch the Rockies, mostly on TV than in person. A team with so much promise has once again underachieved, and this underachievement might even be bigger than the 2008 season. Maybe the expectations of the fans, media and the baseball world were or are too much for the Rockies to live up to. Maybe if no one expects a team with this much talent to do anything, then they might be able to compete for a division title. Really, how many people honestly in their preseason predictions had Arizona to be the surprise team in the N.L. West? The freakin’ Dbacks?! Please!

I cant deny that I have turned most of my attention, as most fans this time of the year do, to the upcoming college and pro football seasons, while still somewhat keeping an eye on the Rockies. That’s usually not the case with me, but this year I guess I’m a little more fed up than usual. I have also turned my attention to Opening Day of 2012. Looking forward yet again to the grand feeling of extreme optimism that each Opening Days holds for every baseball fan of every team.

So Rockies fans you can stop looking for the Rockies to make any improbable run to win the division yet alone a wildcard, that’s not gonna happen. I’m not giving up on the Rockies, I’ll always be a fan. I just know that this season is a disappointment and there is very little to look forward to for the remaining of the season. Who gets called-up from where, I could care less. How well Alex White does this month has no bearing on what type of career he may or may not have with the Rockies next season and the seasons following. Bring on the off-season and the Winter Meetings so that we as fans can begin to have our own ideas of what type of team we will have next season. Who’s gonna play 3rd? Will somebody take claim and hold of being an everyday 2nd baseman? Will 2012 be Jim Tracy’s final season as manager of the Rockies? Can Troy Tulowitzki be more of a leader and put this team on his back for a season and not just a game or a series?

I will watch the remaining games with little interest, other than the occasional ROOT Sports shots of Alanna Rizzo, as the win and losses have little to no meaning. So treat the month of September for what it is Rockies fans, an early spring training.

I came across this video earlier today, that kinda puts it into a little perspective on this long baseball season. Enjoy!

Rockies fail to finish off Royals…

The Rockies had their worst loss of the season Sunday afternoon. A loss that I place squarely on the shoulders of manager Jim Tracy. The Rockies pitching staff as a whole were horrible, giving up a total of 16 runs on 21 hits. It all began with starter Jason Hammel, who was yanked after 3.2 innings, having given up 7 hits, 6 runs(5 earned) and two homeruns, making Royals starter Luke Hochevar look like a Cy Young award winner for the first 4 innings. Hochevar fell apart for the Royals in the 5th inning and the Rockies were able to take advantage, scoring 5 runs to come within 1 run of the Royals.

Then in the 6th inning is where I totally blame Tracy for what happened in this game. Matt Belisle, who lasted only two-thirds of an inning, gave up 6 runs on 7 hits, extended the Royals lead 12-5. Now I understand not wanting to tax the bullpen, and I also understand that a pitcher in the bullpen may not be ready to come into the game sometimes. But when your team rallies the previous inning to come within 1 run of the opposition, you do not allow the game to get away from the team in the fashion that happened yesterday in the 6th inning. After all isn’t the objective to try to win the game? From the 6th inning on, the Rockies played like it was a spring training game. Last I checked Cling Hurdle was managing in Pittsburgh, not here. Without a doubt Tracy left Belisle in the game alot longer than he should have and there isnt a reason out there that he could use to make me believe otherwise. Sometimes managers over think the game and this was a prime example. And it’s not like Mortensen was any better in relief for Belisle. Mortensen who went 3.1 innings gave up an additional 4 runs for a total of 16 runs for the Royals.

I believe that this team has this belief that they are able to mount a comeback at anytime during any game. That’s good for a few games, but what this team seriously lacks besides good support from the bullpen, is a killer instinct. The Rockies should be putting away teams like Kansas City without any problem. This team is in need of a sweep,especially before the a road trip. They sorely need some type of momentum to carry them for the rest of the season if they have hopes of making the playoffs. And right now they are not creating anything close to momentum. Let’s hope that changes soon. There’s too much talent on this team to be hovering at and below .500.

Giambi feasts on Phillies pitching, Rox split series…

Jason Giambi got the start tonight in place of an ailing Todd Helton(stiffness). Jim Tracy suggested a minor change in the stance of Giambi before the game after a brief film study. And with the adjustment Giambi made good on the night with his first 3 homerun game of his career. Giambi accounted for all 7 runs the Rockies scored tonight. Giambi went 3 for 5 with 3 homeruns and 7 RBIs, with all three homeruns coming in his first three at-bats.

While Giambi accounted for one-fifth of the Rockies hits, there were 3 other Rockies with multiple hits on the night. Jose Lopez went 4 for 5, Seth Smith went 3 for 4 and Jonathan Herrera, 2 for 5. Tulo, Gonzalez and Fowler each getting one hit a piece.

Jhoulys Chacin improved his record to 5-2 on the season with a 9 strikeout performance over 7 innings, allowing only 1 walk and 1 run.

The Rockies head to Milwaukee for a 3 games series before returning to Coors Field.

Manager rankings…

Browsing around a number of major city’s newspapers like I do each morning, I came across an article by the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo today where he is having ranked all 30 Major League managers. Story here.

If you’re interested in knowing where Jim Tracy and the rest of the N.L. West managers rank they are as follows.

1. Bruce Bochy (Giants)

12. Bud Black (Padres)

15. Jim Tracy (Rockies)

20. Kirk Gibson (D’backs)

28. Don Mattingly (Dodgers)

Do you agree or disagree with the way he sees the N.L. West managers? Or how about the rankings overall? Personally I would put Tracy ahead of Bud Black, but these are not my rankings.