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Jeff Francis

Rockies crushed by Cards, stay put at trade deadline…

The Rockies days over these last 2 months of the season are barely seen as being on life support. The Rockies were crushed by the Cards 11-6, in an awful start to the game by Jeff Francis, Francis gave up 5 runs in 4 innings of work, 4 of them coming in the first inning alone. Ottavino fared much worse in relief giving up 4 runs in 2.2 innings.

The Rockies offense despite 12 hits, managed only 6 runs, going 3 for 17 with runners in scoring position, as the Cards opened up the game in the later innings, scoring 6 runs between the 6th and 8th innings.

The Rockies fall to 37-64 on the season and as many of you know are headed to 100 loss season. My personal prediction for the season is a record of 55-107.


Surprising the Rockies remained inactive in any trades at the trading deadline yesterday. The rumors of Betancourt and one or two other players possibly being moved turned out to be just that in the end, rumors. Probably the best non-move of the season so far by the Rockies front office.


Rockies explode in the 10th, crush Tigers 12-4…

Eight is enough, eight losses that is. It looks like the Rockies packed their offense on this first game of the 9 game roadtrip. An 8 run 10th inning gave the Rockies their first interleague win of the season and ended an 8 game losing streak. The Rockies got homeruns from Chris Nelson(3), Carlos Gonzalez(17) and Michael Cuddyer(10), accounting for 6 of the Rockies 12 runs. Rockies pitching overall did a decent job allowing the Tigers to score just 4 runs, all credited to Francis who went 5.1 innings. Matt Belisle got the win, his 3rd on the season. With the win the Rockies “improve” to 25-38. Game two of the 3 game series is at 2:05pm at Comerica Park.

Rockies relieve Corpas…

The Rockies yesterday relieved Manny Corpas of his duties with the organization, while eating almost 4 million in the process. The last I heard the Rockies dont have money to just throw around, yet they do it here without getting anything in return for Corpas. Not a trade offer at least? Maybe play him this season and hope to get something on your investment and if not, then release him during the season, but at least they would have gotten something. So I think we can safely say that Corpas could show up in Pittsburgh, now that Hurdle is the manager of the Pirates. Hurdle had a great amount of confidence in Corpas than Rockies fans probably ever did. I can’t say that I’m sorry to see Corpas go, but the Rockies not getting something in return and eating money on the contract wasn’t a smart move. Now if they want to just players go for nothing, then they could’ve started with catcher Chris Iannetta or pitcher Jeff Francis.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports that the Rockies want to retain Jorge De La Rosa, but for less than 4 years. Story here.

Olivo to Blue Jays, options declined on Francis, Dotel…

Here we go again. Dan O’Dowd cant keep a catcher on the Rockies roster to save his life. Story here from Thomas Harding of

What is it with he and that position? Last year it was Torrealba and this year it’s Olivo. I’ve said this before and I will repeat it again, the Chris Iannetta experiment is over. He is not the catcher of the future for the Rockies! Get it through your thick skull O’Dowd! Alot of this thinking with O’Dowd has to hinder on Carney Lansford being the new hitting coach and hoping that he can somehow turn it around at the plate since he hasnt hit a ball in two years. And really, the $2.5 million dollar option for Olivo is too high a price to pay for a player who is a starter and basically saved a porton of the Rockies season with the repoire with the pitching staff and not to mention having a bat, when Iannetta could barely carry a wiffle ball bat. Despite Olivo having a not so great second half of the season, he was still better than Iannetta could ever hope to be and now we are left to hope that Dan is right about Iannetta in 2011. How has O’Dowd kept his job? How about declining the option on keeping O’Dowd as GM?

I dont really care about the options being declined on both Francis and Dotel. You can read about it here.

For all I care O’Dowd should have traded Francis to the Blue Jays, since Canada is his home. There is talk of Francis possibly rejoining the team for lesser money, again, don’t care.  Francis is in my opinion a middle relief pitcher now and nothing more. In the starting rotation for the Rox he might be your #4 starter, but more like a #5.

What else is in store for the Rockies this offseason is anybody’s guess, even Dan O’Dowd’s from what we’ve seen so far.

Rockies and Lance Berkman?..

Dont laugh at the possibility, but Troy Renck of the Denver Post is reporting that the Rockies are looking into the possibility of Yankees first baseman Lance Berkman being an “impact bat” (a term used by manager Jim Tracy) in the Rockies lineup. Apparently there is some interest from Berkman, but we all know that interest is gonna be based on whether or not there are offers from other teams besides the Rockies. So it’s not like the Rox are at the top of Berkman’s list of teams to go to in the offseason. While I must admit I do like the idea of adding Berkman to the roster, in order for him to be the “impact bat” that Jim Tracy refers to. Berkman will need to play alot of the time in the starting lineup and not just simply in the role as Giambi mostly played in 2010 as “the big threat to come off the bench in late game situations.” Which as we all know, worked out well at times and other times not so well.

EXTRA BASES – Yesterday Try Renck also had a story in the Denver Post about the Rockies “Decisions loom on Francis & Olivo”. I dont really care much for Jeff Francis anymore and to bring him back for the sake of saving money is OK, but if that’s the only reason the Rockies are wanting to bring him back, then please assure the fans that he is going to be the pitcher he was in 2007. I think we all know that wont be the case.

Now as for Olivo, why is there any hesitation on this decision? Sign him! It seems like we go through this almost every year. We did this crap at the end last season with Yorvit Torrealba and here we are again. Olivo had a monster first half of the season in 2010 for the Rox and yes should have been on the all-star team. Olivo is speed on the basepaths, has a better batting average at the plate, and is better able to handle the pitching staff than “catcher of the future”, Chris Iannetta. It is apparent that O’Dowd is a poor scout when it comes to catchers in the Rockies farm system. Whenever you hear O’Dowd mention the phrase “catcher of the future” you should turn and run the opposite direction. How about this for an idea, package Francis and Iannetta together, sending Jeff home to Canada for a few pounds of Canadian bacon and a couple of kegs of Molson or Labatt Blue. Drink responsibly.

Thank you Rockies! See ya in 2011…

I admit that I found it difficult to watch the final four games of the season for the Rockies. That’s why there hasn’t been any posts in relation to those games. Dont get me wrong I love baseball as much as the next person, but those last few games against St Louis were really early auditions for next season for a number of players on the roster. And besides watching two teams play each other with no hopes of either making the playoffs found me watching other things instead. Although I did check in on the games from time to time just to see how the team was doing and also to look at Alanna Rizzo.

Now as far as player auditions go, I dont think Barmes will be around next season. I’m ok with E.Y. Jr or Jonathan Herrera at 2nd base.

I’ve thought the same thing about Francis for a number of months now. Neither Francis or Cook were a remote shadow of themselves this season and of the two I believe Cook will be here next season. If it were up to me, Cook returns to start in the 3 or 4 spot in the rotation. Right now I would say Ubaldo, Hammel, Cook, De La Rosa are in the first 4 spots. Should the Rockies lose both Cook and Francis then there had better be a significant upgrade to the pitching staff, at the least similar value. Once you get past Jimenez and Hammel there’s too much uncertainty with the rotation in terms of what you get, and for the Rockies to be successful in 2011 they cant have that.

I think it’s safe to say Jason Giambi wont be back, but really I would love to see him on the Rockies bench in some sort of coaching capacity, maybe as a bench coach. Giambi loves it here with this team and not to mention Denver is not far from his home in Las Vegas. I have it in my gut that Mora wont be back either. I have no rhyme or reason for this feeling, but I do hope I’m wrong.

I’ve said this once before earlier in the season, that the Chris Iannetta experiment is over. He is not the catcher of the future for the Rockies, maybe somewhere else he could be, but it aint here at 20th & Blake. I say extend Olivo for 2 years and allow Paul Phillips and Michael McKenry battle it out for the backup role.

There are a few other scenarios to go over with this team, but I will get into that at a later date. Right now it’s time to focus on the playoffs and the World Series and see who will be the champs at the end of it all.

Rockies continue losing ground…

You can look at this team and tell that the players are spent. The theme over these last 6 games should be “Win big or go home” to borrow from the NBA playoffs if I may. That’s not to say these guys aren’t up for these last few games or that they have thrown in the towel, but I dont get a sense of alot of energy when the Rockies take the field. Or maybe a better way to rephrase it would be a sense of urgency.

I knew as soon as I saw the starting lineup that with Chris Iannetta as the catcher for Ubaldo, that we weren’t going to win. Let’s face it, Iannetta is not the catcher of the future for the Rockies and O’Dowd needs to accept that fact right now. Iannetta hasn’t hit a baseball in 2 seasons, with his current average of .208. I’m not hating on Chris, but he doesnt have it and it’s time to move on. Miguel Olivo despite a lesser 2nd half of the season than the incredible numbers he put up in the first half should be resigned in my opinion to a 2 year extension.

I love the idea of Eric Young Jr and Dexter Fowler at the top of the Rockies lineup, but as it was mentioned during the radio broadcast last night, they need to get on base more than they have been as of late. Over the last 7 games alone E.Y. Jr has a batting average of .071 and an on base percentage of .133. Fowler has an average of .118 and a .167 on base percentage. If these guys are not on base ahead of CarGo and Tulo then the Rox will certainly lose more than win. If you take a look at those last 7 games the Rockies are 1-6.

It’s my hope that at least over the next 2 games at Coors Field that the Rockies will at least finish strong for the fans even if the playoff chances are dwindling, the fans deserve at least that much.

Tonight Jeff Francis (4-6 4.71) will take the hill for the Rox. Hiroki Kuroda (11-13, 3.27) will go for the Dodgers.