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O’Dowd still in charge…

The Rockies announced earlier today that general manager Dan O’Dowd will be shifting some if his duties to his asst general manager Bill Geivett. Geivett will be handling the day to day operations of the Rockies and O’Dowd will focus on the minor league side and player development. And since the announcement social media has been on fire about the Rockies ownership, the Monforts and management and their lack of ability to do anything right, even firing O’Dowd.

How does a general manager let alone any employee with a work record that O’Dowd has, still manage to keep his job? The Rockies are a bunch of idiots to think the fans cant see the blind loyalty the Monforts, O’Dowd, Apodaca and Tracy have for one another. I’ve said all along that the Monforts and O’Dowd are each sleeping in the same bed with one another and as long as it remains that way, nothing will ever change for this organization and the team is concerned and they will continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

They’re all businessmen and right now business is good despite the second worst record in baseball this season. They’re averaging anywhere from 32-35 thousand fans (though most of them delusional and arent really baseball fans) every night. For example, the Rockies during the most recent series with the Reds averaged 36824 over the 3 game series, with Saturday night having an attendance figure of 42826.

All and all what this “shifting of responsibilities” is a smokescreen and basically means nothing. O’Dowd is still in charge as Geivett still will have to answer to his boss(O’Dowd) and despite Dan “focusing” on the minors and player development(which he is terrible at), he is still in charge of player acquisitions, etc. So spin it how you want Rockies ownership, this fan and a few others that I know and have spoken to arent buying it.

The Monforts arent selling the team and O’Dowd and company dont have the balls to look themselves in the mirror resign their positions. Why should they? Where else can you make money and not have to do anything, but pretend you’re building a ballclub for a fanbase that is made up of many who only attend games for the social aspect anyway and dont care about the club and dont even know what the score is at any point during a game. The hardcore baseball fans at 20th & Blake deserve better. Hell even the players deserve better!

Until that day comes, expect nothing more than the same old tired story year after year at Coors Field.

Oh and while we’re at it, can we get rid of ROOT Sports broadcast team with the exception of Marc Stout and Joel Klatt? The rest are tired and a joke to the broadcasting industry. The fans deserve better here as well.


Dodgers sweep Rox…Hurdlewatch intensifies…

Honestly I’ve been debating whether to post after yesterday’s loss, that’s why you haven’t seen anything before now. What more can be said that I haven’t already poured my heart into in regards to the team’s pathetic performance and my thoughts on Hurdle’s dismissal and so forth? So as of a few minutes ago, I figure what the heck so here it is.

We all know the Rockies were swept yesterday and that since the game ended there has almost been a silence swept over the city. Not just because the Nuggets lost to the Lakers last night or because of horrible NBA officiating that helped contribute in the loss, but also to see when Rockies ownership will relieve Hurdle of his managing duties. Today is the perfect day to do so in that the Rockies are off today. At least they can’t lose when they’re not playing. I had a feeling during yesterday’s game that if something were to happen in regards to Hurdle’s job, that it had to come sometime today. Even the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper reported that some of the players were speculating that something would happen today as well. Well it’s 5pm here and yet nothing has happened. I would suggest that maybe ownership and Hurdle would be discussing a settlement on the remainder of his contract, a buyout of some sort, or maybe that Hurdle step down rather than be fired. Or might there be a discussion on whether or not Hurdle alone is the only one to be dismissed. Maybe the same discussions are to include Dan O’Dowd and Bob Apodaca and whom their replacements may or may not be. Want my two cents? Well here it is. I say give the manager’s job to Jim Tracy, assuming he himself hasn’t recently wondered what he’s gotten himself into with this organization. Give him a 3 year contract, no more than that. Then I say if you want to stay within the organization that they move Walt Weiss into the GM’s position, because outside of the team I don’t know of any GM in their right mind that would want to come here and have to deal with the Monforts as owners, not to mention bosses and what they’ve turned this organization into. Maybe there are discussions on what not to do right now and that is to allow Hurdle to remain the manager until the end of the season. I hope that’s not the case, but it is a distinct possibility. One way or another the Rockies need to make a decision and it needs to be done sooner than later. If the decision is to allow Hurdle to finish out the season then ownership needs to come out and say so. Then from their skybox they can watch their attendance numbers continue to fall downward along with their ticket and concession revenues.

I don’t feel like there will be too many major impacts in terms of trades made between mow and the trade deadline. And I don’t think the Rockies should move anyone right now without being able to help the team in an immediate fashion for this season. Moving players for the sake of a horrible first two months of the season is a cop out on the team, and the fans. Sure the Rockies are 14 games out of first place, but with 4 months of baseball still left to play, things have plenty of time to turn around. If we must make a trade, what then can we get for a purple dinosaur who looks as silly as ownership does? It’s got to account for something, doesn’t it?

Check out a new link added today in the Rockies Blogosphere, Hurdling to Rock Bottom. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Pierre payback hurts Rockies (again)…

For the second day in a row Dodger outfielder and former Rockie Juan Pierre has hurt the Rockies almost as much as they have hurt themselves. Pierre has gone 5 for 11 with 5 RBI’s in the first two games of the series. How much more damage can or will Pierre do to his former club?

Walks hurt Aaron Cook, who walked 3 batters last night but the 12 hits hurt him much worse. The Dodgers were only 3 for 16 (19%) on the night with runners in scoring position, but the Rockies were 0 for 10, leaving 10 men on base. The Rockies hope to spoil the sweep by the Dodgers in this afternoon’s 1:10pm start. Ubaldo Jimenez (3-5, 4.25) goes against Clayton Kershaw (2-3, 4.32).

Ken Rosenthal is reports this morning on, that the Rockies best bargaining chip right now is outfielder Brad Hawpe. With Atkins in a slump and a surplus of players to man the outfield, this move looks likely to happen. Rosenthal also goes on to say that Rockies ownership has been patient with O’Dowd because he’s operating under financial constraints of the offseason and the trading of Matt Holliday. Bullshit! Ownership has been too patient with O’Dowd, Hurdle and the team and they offer this as an excuse. The plug should’ve been pulled on Hurdle a month ago when there was a chance of turning things around with a new voice and a new direction under either Jim Tracy or Don Baylor and when the team wasn’t 13 games out of first place in the division like they find themselves today! Ownership has already thrown in the towel on the season by not having pulled the plug on Hurdle and Apodaca and they continue to insist on trading players for prospects for the future. The future is NOW! Trade for players that can help the team now. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the future! I want this team to be competitve right now, today and not have it’s ownership give up on the season in the final week of May with 4 months of baseball still left. Maybe a change in management wont do the team any good and they may still play the way they are right now, but here’s what happens when the change at the helm is made. The fans at the least can again have hope for better days and times for the Rockies with new management, not to mention ownership but let’s take baby steps here. I don’t think I have ever been more frustrated with a team and organization that I have been with the Rockies currently. They, if not already are slowly becoming the “Los Angeles Clippers” of Major League Baseball.

Game 11 recap, Rockies @ Dodgers…

So the Rockies are exactly where they were this time last year with the same record and the same numberof games behind in the division. This post is not necessarily a recap of what happened yesterday but more of what has not happened thus far this season and the expectations. Let’s be truly honest with ourselves for a moment. Did we really expect anything more from the Rockies this season? Think about it, go back to the off season and tell me what moves were made that had fans believing that this team was going to be significantly better than the team we had in 2008. There weren’t any, plain and simple.

There were glimmers of hope in the firings of the coaching staff with the exception of Apodaca, who somehow retained his job due to Hurdle’s loyalty to him. Screw loyalty! If Pat Bowlen can fire his long time friend Mike Shanahan, then firing Apodaca should be just as easy if not easier. Another glimmer of hope was the hirings of Don Baylor and Jim Tracy to the coaching staff, both moves will certainly pay off in the near future. Other glimmers of hope were the signings of Huston Street, Carlos Gonzalez, and Jason Marquis. But remember these are only glimmers of hope and not anything of major significance to give fans the idea that the Rockies were going to dominate the NL West. Street is off to a bad start, Gonzalez is in Triple A, and Marquis so far looks to be the only positive of any of the off season acquisitions. Take the two definitions of the word glimmer from and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

Glimmer -noun

1. a faint or unsteady light; gleam.
2. a dim perception; inkling.

So all the Rockies did in the offseason was offer a glimmer or two of hope. Not exactly a team ready to run away with the division I’d say. The good thing is that it is early and we are only 11 games into what is going to be an extremely long and tedious season by what we’ve seen so far. And if that serves as any indication, then the Rockies will be 12-15 games out of first by the middle of May.

So do we now begin to predict Hurdle’s date of departure? If it’s gonna happen, it’s gotta happen with enough of the season left in it to turn something around and salvage something out of it. I’m gonna take two dates, May 25th or June 11th, both of which are at the end of extended roadtrips.

I’m still holding out hope for the Rockies to find their groove and to begin to make some noise, but it wont happen if with ineffective pitching and hitting or with a manager who preached “the basics” during spring training and has yet to go back to the basics of managing a game or his team.

9 predictions for the Rockies in 2009…

As the 2009 season gets underway tomorrow or tonight if you want to be technical about it. Here is my look at what 9 things may or may not happen with the Rockies this upcoming season.

1. Troy Tulowitzki and Chris Iannetta will make their first all-star team this season.

2. Expect teams to make a run at Garrett Atkins once the Rockies are out of playoff contention and the Rockies will happily oblige. Jeff Baker will also be moved.

3. Ubaldo Jimenez to win 16 games.

4. Aaron Cook to break the team record in single season wins (17) with 19 wins.

5. Todd Helton bounces back this season with 20 HRs 110 RBIs.

6. The Rockies will finish the month of April just over .500 at 11-10

7. Rockies will finish the season 76-86.

8. Both Dinger and Bob Apodaca keep their jobs even after Hurdle loses his.

9. Dexter Fowler swipes 32 bases and is named Rookie of the Year.

Agree or disagree? Let’s see how the season plays out. See you at the ballpark!

How the West will be won…

OK here it is, my prediction on how I think the NL West will shape up in 2009. The thought of a wildcard team coming from the NL West is seriously a pipedream if nothing else. The division just isn’t good enough from top to bottom to be a threat to likely contenders, the Cardinals, Cubs, Mets or Phillies.

dodgersPower hitter Manny Ramirez, a speedy and healthy Rafael Furcal, former Rockie speedster if not soon to be traded Juan Pierre with Delwyn Young riding on his heels, versatile catcher and infielder Russell Martin, and throw in one of the top 3 managers in baseball in Joe Torre and the Dodgers barring any major injuries should be the lone representative of the NL West in the playoffs. Their biggest loss of the offseason was Andruw Jones which was not much to lose in his first and only season with the Dodgers. Dodgers win the division by 6 games.

dbacksAs much as I hate or want to admit it, the D’backs will probably finish 2nd in the West. Brandon Webb is the best pitcher in the division, sorry Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum and Randy Johnson. The D’backs are going to need a healthy and less cocky Eric Byrnes this season. More time will be given to Justin Upton this season as it should. And Chad Tracy will need to remain healthy and put up numbers like he did in 2006 with 20 homeruns and 80 RBIs. Oh and did I mention Tony Clark? There’s a reason why I didn’t.

giantsI had a hard time deciding on whether the Giants or the Rockies were going to finish third, but I think Barry Zito rebounds this season as his first two seasons in the Bay area haven’t been anything to write home about. The addition of the ageless wonder Randy Johnson gives the Giants a chance and not to mention the Giants best pitcher in 2008, Tim Lincecum who went 18-5. The problem here is the Giants dont have any offense. Other than Bengie Molina and Aaron Rowand, scoring runs will come at a premium, but pitching may be able to keep them close in some games. If Zito implodes again this season, the Giants will fall to 4th.

rockiesHolliday, Fuentes, Taveras, all gone to greener pastures. Francis, gone for the season due to injury. In come Don Baylor, Jim Tracy and others to fix what was wrong last season according to manager Clint Hurdle, the basics. Funny how Apodaca managed to keep his job if we’re talking basics. If Helton continues to swing a hot bat during the season as he has during spring training, and the Rockies are more aggressive on the bases eventhough they lack the speed. Then factor in a solid season by Tulo, Atkins, and Hawpe, the team could be really fun to watch, maybe even competitive for most of the season. But with Jimenez and Cook as your only solid starters in the rotation, the 3-5 spots in the rotation are gonna give up some runs and give away some games. If the Rox are out of contention by June, look for Hurdle to be cleaning out his desk by the all-star break if not at the end of the season. Or the Rockies front office to find an excuse why the season went so wrong and Hurdle to be retained.

padresLosing Trevor Hoffman does alot for the number of games the Padres will not win this season. Outfielder Jody Gerut has the potential to hit 25 homeruns in his 2nd season in he majors. Cliff Floyd if healthy for most of the season can add another 20 homeruns. The problem here will be just like the Rockies, pitching. But beyond Jake Peavy who do the Padres have to rely on? Chris Young may be their next best with 3 straight winning seasons in San Diego. Dont look for alot of good to come from the Padres. See the stadium, visit the zoo, but dont even think about ordering playoff tickets for another couple of seasons.

The Friday Facts…

Patrick Saunders has a great article in the Denver Post on Jason Marquis and his attempts to improve his game, even tweaking his delivery. Marquis getting the start today against the Rangers at Hi Corbett Field has given up 3 runs in the first inning, an RBI to Josh Hamilton, and a 2 run homer to Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz.  

The Friday Facts…

The Miami Marlins are a step closer to a new stadium, as the city approved the measure yesterday by a 3-2 vote. Another vote is scheduled next week.

bud-seligBaseball “commissioner” Bud Selig really is not as bright as he believes he is. In the LA Times earlier this week is an article where the commish admits he didnt believe baseball would be affected by the current economy.

“I used to think we were recession-proof. I really did,” Selig said during the Angels’ 6-4 victory over the Chicago Cubs – Los Angeles Times

Now between the on going steroid controversy and this admission of stupidity about baseball and the economy, I think it’s safe to say it is time for a new commissioner. Mr. Selig you are clearly out of touch with reality, please do us the favor and resign. Selig also goes on to state.

 “This is different. Some economists are saying it’s the worst downturn since the Great Depression.”

What?! You saying Mr. Selig that you dont remember the Great Depression?

Game update – Apparently Apodaca’s tweaking of Jason Marquis’ delivery isnt going too well. Through 3 innings Marquis has given up 6 runs. Rockies trail 6-0.