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5 things wrong with watching games at Coors Field…

1. Dinger – Nevermind that he is a senseless excuse for a mascot, much less anything else. But watching him behind homeplate in the latter innings of a game is just dumb altogether and makes Coors Field and the Rockies seem a bit like a minor league team. Even a couple of San Francisco Giants blogs have articles on him from a few months back.

Now we all know Giants fans can be a bit whiny at times. But I’m sure Giants fans arent the only teams aside from a majority of Rockies fans who would like to see this dinosaur become extinct.

2. The Camarena Macarena inning. This poor attempt to try and sell tequila with a dance that should have been banned before it was even thought of happens I believe before the start of 8th inning. The Macarena song is played while the camera pans the crowd looking for dancing fools doing this pathetic excuse for a dance. Warning! Men if you’re caught doing this dance on the jumbotron, dont even think of asking for your man-card back. It will be permanently revoked on the spot! Here is a recent Tweet from someone attending a game at Coors Field. Again, another minor-league offering from a major league team. Leave the antics to those in the minors.!/will_e_777/status/74313343652986880

3. The “Hey Baby! I Wanna Know If You’ll Be My Girl” 7th inning stretch. Honestly dont let anyone tell you any differently. This is the Rockies attempt to be like our bigger brothers of the American League East, the Boston Red Sox. The playing of “Sweet Caroline” has become a tradition at Fenway Park over the years and somehow the Rockies felt the need to create their own tradition. I dont blame them for trying, but “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” is enough for me.

4. The 25 minute infomercial prior to the actual start of the game. This is what probably irks me more than anything at Coors Field, but dont quote me on it. The Rockies PA announcer begins his spill about the “World’s Finest Ballpark, Coors Field” and then follows through with other announcements and promos and somewhere in there the National Anthem is thrown in there(sometimes horribly). The biggest problem for me is that after the National Anthem is over, there is still about 10-15 minutes before the actual start of the game. Here’s an idea. Introduce the lineups, let the players take the field, then do the National Anthem, throw out the honorary first pitch, and let start the game. To me when I hear the National Anthem, I am ready for the start of the game, not having to wait another 10 minutes.

5. Did I mention Dinger? 

Dont worry folks, I will do a post of the 5 things right about watching games at Coors Field in the next day or two.


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