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What the Ubaldo trade means…

I debated off and on last evening after hearing about the trade of Ubaldo Jimenez to the Cleveland Indians, on whether or not I wanted to put my .02 on the deal. Well it’s apparent that I have decided to go ahead and let out a bit of frustration on behalf some of the fans, as I am a fan myself first and foremost.

Sure Ubaldo is not the first player of his caliber to get traded on any team and surely he wont be the last. The problem that this trade brings is that despite the Rockies being 9.5 games out of first place in the NL West, is that Dan O’Dowd has just thrown in the towel on the remainder of the season. Just because there is a trade deadline, doesnt mean that as a team you must be a participant in any fashion. O’Dowd panicked, plain and simple. O’Dowd had other pieces he could have traded or he simply could have stood pat and declared as a couple of other GMs around the league had done with their star players and simply said that Ubaldo Jimenez is not available for trade. Dan O’Dowd isn’t that secure in himself to have made any such declaration. Instead he felt the urgent need to make a move of any kind for the sake of just making a move and all because of a looming trade deadline.

You don’t trade your best pitcher on the staff for a 50-50 chance at what might or might not be a better future for the club. Unless you are a team who is consistently in the bottom of it’s division year in and year out. The Rockies have not been that team for a while now. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the future of this team and what they hope to someday become. The time is right now, not 5-10 years down the road. But it seems as if being an underachieving team each year since 2007 is O’Dowd’s mission, then he might just be the best GM in baseball today. And listening to those who dismiss this move as a “part of the game” or that “baseball is a business”, I say to you “bullshit!” and invite you to come up with something of more substance. O’Dowd has a history of making dumb or should I say head-scratching moves with this club. Not resigning Torrealba or not resigning Olivo. Holding on to Jeff Francis longer than he should have and not solidifying the back half of the starting rotation. Continual belief that Chris Iannetta is the catcher of the future for this team. And why is Aaron Cook still a part of the rotation. Shall I go on?

The deal is done and as fans there is nothing we can do about it, except to move forward in whatever way we see necessary. I will continue to support the Rockies, but O’Dowd, that’s a different story. He will never get my full support, not that he needs it or even deserves it. To Ubaldo, you’ll always be a fan favorite and we will remember what you did for us and the team. Best wishes on your time in Cleveland. It’s not as nice of a city as Denver, but at least you’re on a contending team and a team that wants you bad enough to give up 4 prospects, which literally means that O’Dowd has set the Rockies back at least 2-3 years.


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