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Rockies fail to finish off Royals…

The Rockies had their worst loss of the season Sunday afternoon. A loss that I place squarely on the shoulders of manager Jim Tracy. The Rockies pitching staff as a whole were horrible, giving up a total of 16 runs on 21 hits. It all began with starter Jason Hammel, who was yanked after 3.2 innings, having given up 7 hits, 6 runs(5 earned) and two homeruns, making Royals starter Luke Hochevar look like a Cy Young award winner for the first 4 innings. Hochevar fell apart for the Royals in the 5th inning and the Rockies were able to take advantage, scoring 5 runs to come within 1 run of the Royals.

Then in the 6th inning is where I totally blame Tracy for what happened in this game. Matt Belisle, who lasted only two-thirds of an inning, gave up 6 runs on 7 hits, extended the Royals lead 12-5. Now I understand not wanting to tax the bullpen, and I also understand that a pitcher in the bullpen may not be ready to come into the game sometimes. But when your team rallies the previous inning to come within 1 run of the opposition, you do not allow the game to get away from the team in the fashion that happened yesterday in the 6th inning. After all isn’t the objective to try to win the game? From the 6th inning on, the Rockies played like it was a spring training game. Last I checked Cling Hurdle was managing in Pittsburgh, not here. Without a doubt Tracy left Belisle in the game alot longer than he should have and there isnt a reason out there that he could use to make me believe otherwise. Sometimes managers over think the game and this was a prime example. And it’s not like Mortensen was any better in relief for Belisle. Mortensen who went 3.1 innings gave up an additional 4 runs for a total of 16 runs for the Royals.

I believe that this team has this belief that they are able to mount a comeback at anytime during any game. That’s good for a few games, but what this team seriously lacks besides good support from the bullpen, is a killer instinct. The Rockies should be putting away teams like Kansas City without any problem. This team is in need of a sweep,especially before the a road trip. They sorely need some type of momentum to carry them for the rest of the season if they have hopes of making the playoffs. And right now they are not creating anything close to momentum. Let’s hope that changes soon. There’s too much talent on this team to be hovering at and below .500.


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