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Beltran hammers the Rockies out of first place…

Here is the back page of the NY Daily news this morning. Kinda of a lame title to the picture, but it tell the whole story I suppose. The Mets Carlos Beltran single handedly beat the Rockies with 3 two run homers in the game. Beltran went 3 for 5 with 6 RBIs. The Rockies alone had 2 homeruns, but both came with no one on base. Jonathan Herrera in the 1st inning and Todd Helton in the 4th. Rockies pitching, to be kind, underachieved in this game and though the Rockies ability to come back a couple of times in the game were positive signs, the pitching overall ultimately did them in. Ubaldo leaves the game in the 4th having gave up 5 earned runs. Morales and Lindstrom both giving up 2 runs each as well in the 7th and 9th innings. The Rockies series loss to the Mets is their 3rd series loss at Coors Field this season. The Giants and Pirates were the first two series losses at home. The Rockies are 2-8 so far in the month of May this season, 1-3 at Coors Field.

The Rox will continue the homestand with a 3 game series against former Rockie Brad Hawpe and the San Diego Padres.


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