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Will the Rockies land Michael Young?..

Rangers infielder and DH Michael Young has been a target of the Rockies for a minute and with Young having recently demanded a trade from the Rangers, the Rockies might have a chance to land him. Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports the Rockies arent very optimistic about their chances.

If you paid any attention to the Dallas Morning News from this past weekend, they reported that had the Rangers trading Michael Young to the Rockies in place by as soon as today. But there is also the report of the Rangers sending mixed signals. story here.

The Angels and Phillies are two other teams that have interest in Michael Young. The Bleacher Report on has the top trades for the Phillies if they are to acquire Michael Young.

The LA Times reports the Angels may have to take on a significant portion of Young’s contract (3 years, 48 million), plus possibly give up a major league player and a prospect.

Out of the 8 possible teams interested in Young, no team currently has an advantage in acquiring his services.

Michael Young has a career .300 batting average over 11 seasons and in 2010 hit 21 homeruns, 91 RBIs with a .284 average.


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