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Olivo to Blue Jays, options declined on Francis, Dotel…

Here we go again. Dan O’Dowd cant keep a catcher on the Rockies roster to save his life. Story here from Thomas Harding of

What is it with he and that position? Last year it was Torrealba and this year it’s Olivo. I’ve said this before and I will repeat it again, the Chris Iannetta experiment is over. He is not the catcher of the future for the Rockies! Get it through your thick skull O’Dowd! Alot of this thinking with O’Dowd has to hinder on Carney Lansford being the new hitting coach and hoping that he can somehow turn it around at the plate since he hasnt hit a ball in two years. And really, the $2.5 million dollar option for Olivo is too high a price to pay for a player who is a starter and basically saved a porton of the Rockies season with the repoire with the pitching staff and not to mention having a bat, when Iannetta could barely carry a wiffle ball bat. Despite Olivo having a not so great second half of the season, he was still better than Iannetta could ever hope to be and now we are left to hope that Dan is right about Iannetta in 2011. How has O’Dowd kept his job? How about declining the option on keeping O’Dowd as GM?

I dont really care about the options being declined on both Francis and Dotel. You can read about it here.

For all I care O’Dowd should have traded Francis to the Blue Jays, since Canada is his home. There is talk of Francis possibly rejoining the team for lesser money, again, don’t care.  Francis is in my opinion a middle relief pitcher now and nothing more. In the starting rotation for the Rox he might be your #4 starter, but more like a #5.

What else is in store for the Rockies this offseason is anybody’s guess, even Dan O’Dowd’s from what we’ve seen so far.


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