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Rockies and Lance Berkman?..

Dont laugh at the possibility, but Troy Renck of the Denver Post is reporting that the Rockies are looking into the possibility of Yankees first baseman Lance Berkman being an “impact bat” (a term used by manager Jim Tracy) in the Rockies lineup. Apparently there is some interest from Berkman, but we all know that interest is gonna be based on whether or not there are offers from other teams besides the Rockies. So it’s not like the Rox are at the top of Berkman’s list of teams to go to in the offseason. While I must admit I do like the idea of adding Berkman to the roster, in order for him to be the “impact bat” that Jim Tracy refers to. Berkman will need to play alot of the time in the starting lineup and not just simply in the role as Giambi mostly played in 2010 as “the big threat to come off the bench in late game situations.” Which as we all know, worked out well at times and other times not so well.

EXTRA BASES – Yesterday Try Renck also had a story in the Denver Post about the Rockies “Decisions loom on Francis & Olivo”. I dont really care much for Jeff Francis anymore and to bring him back for the sake of saving money is OK, but if that’s the only reason the Rockies are wanting to bring him back, then please assure the fans that he is going to be the pitcher he was in 2007. I think we all know that wont be the case.

Now as for Olivo, why is there any hesitation on this decision? Sign him! It seems like we go through this almost every year. We did this crap at the end last season with Yorvit Torrealba and here we are again. Olivo had a monster first half of the season in 2010 for the Rox and yes should have been on the all-star team. Olivo is speed on the basepaths, has a better batting average at the plate, and is better able to handle the pitching staff than “catcher of the future”, Chris Iannetta. It is apparent that O’Dowd is a poor scout when it comes to catchers in the Rockies farm system. Whenever you hear O’Dowd mention the phrase “catcher of the future” you should turn and run the opposite direction. How about this for an idea, package Francis and Iannetta together, sending Jeff home to Canada for a few pounds of Canadian bacon and a couple of kegs of Molson or Labatt Blue. Drink responsibly.


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