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Lansford in, Baylor out as hitting coach…

Carney Lansford has been named the Rockies new hitting coach late this afternoon according to Thomas Harding of Story here. Lansford is not stranger to the Rockies organization, having worked in Colorado Springs back in 2007.  By the title of this post I dont mean to make it sound as if Baylor was fired or forced out of his position as hitting coach, In fact it’s just the opposite according to Jim Tracy’s comment below.

“I want to make it clear that I don’t feel Don Baylor has done anything but a very solid job,” Tracy said. “In reaction to that, we have offered a very interesting position to Don.” (

Baylor has been offered a special assistant’s position within the Rockies organization, but at the same time he’s currently in the mix for the manager’s job with the Blue Jays. Some will say that this is an upgrade in the offensive aspect for the Rox and maybe it is, but we wont really know until at least the middle of the 2011 season. Congratulations goes out to Carney Lansford and best of luck to Don Baylor!


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