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Rockies offense stuck in neutral…

The Rockies arrived in Los Angeles on Monday and their offense has yet to make the trip. Last I heard it’s still at the baggage claim at LAX waiting for someone on the team to claim it. Now before you go asking for Don Baylor or Jim Tracy to be fired, take a deep breath and relax. Baylor has done a decent job in the hitting department this season in my opinion. Tracy has done just as well managing this team also, though some of his decisions I have questioned. But as fans of this team, we have a right to do that. There may be some on this team who dont believe they need any extra coaching to do their job effectively, I dont know exactly who on the team that might be, but just look at those who constantly swing at pitches way out of the strike zone to end an inning or dont seem to understand that with runners in scoring position, that your job is to be patient, wait for the right pitch and try to bring them home, manufacturing runs. Now there’s a novel concept!!!

The Rockies were 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position. Eric Young Jr and Dexter Fowler were the only Rockies with multiple hits last night. Between the two they were on base 6 times and were left stranded each time. EY Jr and Fowler accounted for 4 of the teams 6 hits on the night. Baylor cant take the at-bats for the players, he can guide them and give them tips and it’s up to the players to use his knowledge or not and clearly right now some of them are not paying much attention. Helton, Gonzalez and Stewart each recorded 2 strikeouts apiece. Now I’m putting alot of the blame on Gonzalez, because he is the biggest run producer for this team, but last night Kershaw had his number. Helton is useless offensively and I wouldn’t be upset if Tracy decided to sit him for the remainder of the season and give him a pinch hit or two now and then. Helton went 0 for 4. Iannetta isn’t any better, going 0 for 3 last night now sporting a .200 batting average, where he has hovered around all season.

Had the Rox been able to score some runs early on, the game last night may not have gone the way it did. Chacin got no run support and held out as long as he was able to until the 5th inning where he gave up 5 runs.

The Rox will try to regroup with Jason Hammel (8-7, 4.42) facing Hiroki Kuroda (8-11, 3.53)


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