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Did Barmes cost Ubaldo the Cy Young?..

Though nothing is written in stone as far as the Cy Young award is concerned, but the answer to that question right now would be a resounding YES! How could one think or believe otherwise? I understand that the Cy Young is mostly up to Ubaldo himself and I also understand that with still 6 weeks or regular season baseball that Ubaldo has as just a good a chance as Adam Wainwright or barring a late and certainly possible surge by Roy Halladay to win it. Yea the Rox won, and we’re all happy they did, but come on! Wind or no wind given, it was still a routine pop up and the catch should have been made. What made the catch “not so routine” was that Barmes dropped it, not because of the wind. That’s not to say that Jonathan Herrera or Eric Young Jr would have made the catch, but the fact that the ball was not caught cost Ubaldo the win and almost cost the Rockies the game. I cant say that I was sorry to see Barmes pulled after the failed catch, but I was surprised that Tracy made the move. Kudos to Tracy for doing it.

I’m sure no one feels as bad as Barmes for not making the catch and sealing the win for Ubaldo but there are no excuses for not catching that ball. The Rockies should take a long hard look at second base in the off season and hope that Herrera or Young are ready to take over there.

The Rockies have the day off today as they will take on the Dodgers for a 3 game series at Dodger Stadium before heading to Arizona for 3 more. The Rockies picked up a game on the Giants yesterday and should remain focused on the Giants before worrying about the Padres. Giants are off today and in Philly for 3 games before heading to St Louis later in the week. The Padres go up against the Cubs beginning tonight at Wrigley, then head to Milwaukee to face the Brewers. If there ever was a road series the Rockies need to take control of and come out on top, it’s this one.


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