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Rockies desperate after 2-9 roadtrip, Pirates on deck…

Desperate is the best word I can use for the Rockies after coming off a 4 game sweep by the Phillies to end their roadtrip with a record of 2-9. The Rox have dropped to 4th place in the NL West and 8 games back of the division leading Padres. This recent roadtrip for the Rockies was marred by bad pitching, fielding, managing, and hitting. This Rockies team does not have that killer instinct, the attitude that they’re not going to be walked all over like they were on this roadtrip. This team is not anything to fear when they come into opposing ballparks and sadly when on the road the only reason to want to score tickets to watch your home team play against the Rockies would be to watch Ubaldo pitch.

Luckily for the Rockies the first series of the homestand beginning today is against the Pittsburgh Pirates. If I’m Jim Tracy, Dan O’Dowd and the players themselves I expect nothing less than a 3 game sweep of the Pirates, as the Rockies will need all the momentum they can get before going against the Cubs over the weekend. Anything less than a 6-2 homestand isn’t good enough, considering the fact we just lost 9 on the road. The sooner the Rockies can begin making up ground the better.

Jorge De La Rosa (3-2, 5.65) will take on Zach Duke (4-9, 5.22).

EXTRA BASES – Next time you’re at the ballpark you might want to think a second time about the food you’re ordering at the concession stands. ESPN last week did a story on food concessions at each major league sporting venue in North America and the health inspection violations found in 2009. If you’re wondering how Coors Field fared. It is not good, let’s just say. 62% of vendors at Coors Field had committed some sort of a critical violation. “Critical” is seen as a step above “major”. The Rockies are partly to blame for this but not totally as they do not manage their restaurants, bars and other food concessions at Coors Field, that honor belongs to Aramark. The complete list of all sports venues and excerpts of their violations can been found here.


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