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ROCK the VOTE for Gonzalez…

I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July holiday weekend. Now alot of us, if not all of us are disappointed at the fact that both Carlos Gonzalez and Miguel Olivo did not make the all-star team. I made my arguments for both players a number of posts back as to why they both should make the all-star team and since we are not on the East Coast alot of so called knowledgeable baseball fans dont pay much attention to what goes on here in the Rocky Mountains. So now it is up to us Rockies fans to do our duty and get Carlos Gonzalez voted into the all-star game. Carlos Gonzalez is currently in 4th place in the voting for the final spot. I know the Rockies seem as if they’re asking alot from their fanbase, but really they’re not and if this were Boston, New York, or even Philly then Gonzalez would be in 1st place in the voting and not 4th place without a question. So I’m asking for Rockies fans whereever you might be to step up and show some uncompromising passion for your team and Carlos Gonzalez and let’s get him into the all-star game! I’m doing my part, have you done yours?


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