blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Fresh produce (scores from the farm) 5/26…

The Rockies farm system went 1 for 4 in wins tonight with Asheville being the lone victor. The other three teams took their losses on the road.

CLASS AAA: COLORADO SPRINGS 1 @ OMAHA 8 – The Sky Sox were shut out for 8 innings before scoring their first and only run of the game while surrendering 8 runs to Omaha in the first three innings. Chaz Roe only lasted 3 innings for the Sky Sox and was responsible for all 8 runs for Omaha.

CLASS AA: TULSA 2 @ MIDLAND 3 – Christian Friedrich lasted only 4 innings after giving up 10 hits and 3 runs and has an 0-2 record on the season.

CLASS A (ADVANCED): MODESTO 3 @ HIGH DESERT 18 – There’s nothing that needs to be said here.

CLASS A: GREENSBORO 3 @ ASHEVILLE 4 – The 4 runs scored by the Tourists were almost not enough as Greensboro scored 3 run in the final two innings. Juan Gonzalez went 7.2 innings for Asheville.


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