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Gagne chooses Dodgers over Rockies…

The Eric Gagne comeback is now underway, but it won’t be with the Colorado Rockies. The Rox made an offer to Gagne this afternoon but Gagne also had an offer from the Dodgers. In the end the Dodgers won out. Or did they? Gagne signed a minor league contract that guarantees him $500,000 if he makes the Dodgers roster and another half a million in incentives according to the LA Times. Story here.

I like the idea that O’Dowd and the Rockies took a look at the 2003 Cy Young award winner. Of course Jim Tracy had something to do with that as well. I don’t believe the Rockies are at any great loss by losing Gagne to the Dodgers. In signing Gagne the Dodgers don’t gain any distinct advantage over the rest of the NL West with his signature on a baseball contract. Gagne isn’t the one player who will get the Dodgers over the hump and back into a World Series. Is it possible? Sure, but I don’t see it as even a probability. Simply said, the Rockies will be fine this season without Gagne. Should the need arise for an additional pitcher for the Rockies this season, I have the confidence that O’Dowd will find the right piece to fit the Rockies pitching staff whether it be from Triple A Colorado Springs or elsewhere. It’s funny because just a few short years ago (prior to 2007) many fans, bloggers, media  and others wouldn’t have put confidence and O’Dowd even in the same sentence. How things have changed!


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