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Gammons: Time to give Rockies their due…

Yesterday Peter Gammons write an article on in regards to it being time that other fans, the media and so called experts give the Rox their due. Overall it’s a good article and some valid points were made. But I must disagree with Gammons who I refer to as baseball’s version of Mr. Wizard, on Rockies fans having a perception of an East Coast Bias. There’s no perception. There is an East Coast bias. ESPN’s Baseball Tonight proves this theory on a regular and nightly basis, unless it’s close to playoff time and the Rockies are in or close to contention. And it’s not just the Rockies that are left out of the picture. If it’s outside of New York, Boston, St Louis, Los Angeles and you can now throw Philadelphia in the mix, the coverage is just not the same as it is for the teams and cities mentioned. The Rockies are not in any way asking or wanting for your sympathy and neither is Gammons on their behalf. You can bet Tulo, Helton, Hawpe, Tracy and the rest don’t care about whether or not the East Coast media is beating down their doors for interviews and quotes every night or being the focus of some reality show on HBO. Their focus is on the field, where it should be.

Gammons goes on to write about the difficult and unpopular decisions that O’Dowd has had to make as far the roster. Trading away Holliday, Taveras, Matsui and the loss of Francis last season to injury. He even mentions the improvement of the draft and the international signings. By the tone of the comments there are still those who aren’t willing to give the Rox their due. Maybe it’s their own stubborness to the game as a whole, or maybe it is that East Coast bias going on, on a much smaller level than an ESPN and most other media outlets have.

Gammons isn’t asking for fans to become believers in the Rockies overnight, far from it. And no one anywhere is saying the Rox are the team to win it all in 2010. Gammons is simply saying that through all of the baseball talk and coversations that will pick up each day as the season gets closer that somewhere in there the Rockies and how they’ve played over the last few seasons garners them more attention now than in years prior to 2007. If you don’t wish to see the Rockies for what this team and organization has become then that’s fine. I have no problem with it. But when September rolls around and should the Rox be in contention to make the playoffs, don’t be surpised. I don’t want to be the one to say I told you so.

Check it out for yourself and make your own opinion. For the entire Peter Gammons article click here.

EXTRA INNINGS – Inside the Humidor along with other Rockies blogs, Rockpile Rant and Rockies Review were asked by baseball website to examine the Huston Street’s 3 year $22 million dollar contract. For our repsonses click here.


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