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Playing catchup (sort of)…

I’m not going to run through all of the acquisitions for the Rox over the last 2-3 weeks, we all know what has happened. Since the end of Rockiesfest the Rockies front office has been more than busy adding pieces to the roster before heading into spring training. The most recent major acquisition being Melvin Mora to a one year deal who will likely back up Ian Stewart at third base. Of course the big news that happened during Rockiefest was the re-signing of Jason Giambi. If you were at Rockiesfest then you know about what turned out to be the “item of the day” in Giambi player t-shirts and jerseys. Both items had already been marked half price because he hadn’t re-signed and it was assumed he wouldn’t return. But the items remained at half price even after it was learned during Rockiesfest that he had re-signed with the Rockies.

I did get some pictures from Rockiesfest 2010, but not a whole lot of anything different than the year before.

If fans weren’t excited about the Rockies before Rockiesfest, then they should be now. And it should get even more exciting as the start of the 2010 season draws near.

It wasn’t until last night that I’d made up my mind about whether or not to go to spring training this year. I had been looking at the schedule off and on since it had been released and trying to figure in time off from work and such and whether or not I would be able to afford to go. So yes I will be going to spring training. I will be there March 10th-14th. If you really into baseball on the collegiate level(as I am not), the University of Arizona will also be home, hosting the University of Northern Colorado the 12th-14th, though the start times seem to interfere with the Rockies.

Troy Renck of the Denver Post has a great article on how the Rox will miss Torrealba. I totally agree that the Rockies will miss Torrealba on many levels. Hopefully both Iannetta and Olivo will both be solid throughout the season and we dont have to wonder “what if”.


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