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The who’s who…Choo Freeman

Ed Andrieski/ Associated Press

This is a product of honestly me having very little to do today and so I decided to do some looking around for past players and the first person to come to mind was former Rockies outfielder Choo Freeman. The reason why he came to mind is because I was browsing around on the Tucson Toros website and last I heard he was living in Arizona somewhere. So I decided from there to dig a little deeper and not only find what players are doing, but what sort of memorabilia I could find on now former players. What did I find you’re asking. Well here are my findings.

A Choo Freeman facebook page started by a fan that currently has 120 fans at last and probably final count. Now whether they are really fans of Choo Freeman or of the person who started the page, who knows. And according to the most recent post (Jan 4th) by someone named “Kimmie” on this page. Freeman apparently lives somewhere in Arizona with his girlfriend and new baby.

I also came across a 2005 Choo Freeman game worn road jersey on Ebay with a starting bid of $124.99. Needless to say there were no bids made on this item. Bidding ended December 14th 2009. There are of course a bunch of baseball cards, most of which aren’t worth the price of a gallon of gas today.

The other item I found was a Choo Freeman autographed mini bat on a memorabilia site called Just Minors. The bat sells for $27.

Freeman only logged 3 years of professional baseball at the major league level, a total of 151 games total with a .225 batting average. All three of his years came with the Rockies (2004-2006). Freeman was released by the Rockies in February 2007 and then signed by the Dodgers where he only saw action at their triple A affiliate Las Vegas.

I’m not sure who will be the next player I research, but I’m sure whatever I find it will be interesting. Any suggestions on who you’d like to see?


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