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Torrealba and Rox, close but not close enough…

The Denver Post reports this morning that catcher Yorvit Torrealba wants a 2 year $6 million dollar deal and that currently the Rockies and the Venezuelan catcher are apart by $400,000.

As a fan I say come on Rockies, just “Get ‘er dun!” Torrealba at 2 years, 6 million is a better investment than Iannetta at 3 years 8 million. I say that because though Iannetta brings a somewhat solid bat and a strong arm, that bat had holes in it last season and because of that bat, Iannetta lost his starting role as the season went on and despite Iannetta’s strong arm I dont recall anytime last season where threw out any baserunner from sitting in the dugout. This is not to discredit anything Iannetta has done since he’s been wearing a Rockies uniform, but when we’re talking about the Rockies the subject of pitching always is main topic and this is where Torrealba comes in and is better than Iannetta. When it comes to handling the pitching staff, as we saw last season Torrealba is the better between he and Iannetta. Regardless of how many homeruns the Rockies hit in a game or how many runs they score in a season, if the pitching staff isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, the Rockies will not get very far not just next season, but for seasons to come. Go ahead and give Torrealba the additional $400,000 and know that your pitching staff will be more stable with both Iannetta and Torrealba behind the plate than bringing in a Miguel Olivo, who the pitching staff will have to get used to and used to the way he likes to call games.

The Denver Post also reports that Torrealba is due to travel to New York next week to talk with the Mets.

I hope I’m wrong but if this goes on past Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, then I think it’s safe to say that Torrealba will no longer be in a Rockies uniform. I just dont see this dragging on for too much longer.


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