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Winter Meetings happenings…

So there has been nothing really big to happen yet at the Winter Meetings for the Colorado Rockies. The positive news is that Rafael Betancourt did accept the Rockies arbitration offer, with the possiblity of a long term deal.

Rockies are in talks with Chris Iannetta about a long term deal. Really? I have nothing against Iannetta, other than he graduated from the University of North Carolina. But how long of a deal are we talking about here? After last season’s .228 batting average and yes there were bright spots for Iannetta where he came up big in games, I can’t imagine there being anything more than a 2 year deal at this point. The idea of signing Iannetta is strictly based on his 2008 season numbers and the hope that he can again get back to similar numbers in 2010. At the same time the Rockies are still in talks with Torrealba and there are rumors of the Rockies being interested in free agent catcher Miguel Olivo.

On the opposite side the Rockies released Matt Murton, who went on to sign with the Hashin Tigers of the Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball league. Murton saw limited action in the majors last season with the Rockies, spending most of the season at Triple A Colorado Springs. Murton came over from the Oakland Athletics in a trade for Rockies minor league Corey Wimberly. Murton in 29 games for the Rockies hit .250, 1 homerun and 6 RBIs.

Nippon Professional Baseball website

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