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Tracy wins NL Manager of the Year…

Today came down the decision that most Rockies fan already knew in their hearts, that Jim Tracy has been named the National League Manager of the Year. Today’s decision coming down from the league showed Tracy winning by nearly 100 votes overall, 151 for Tracy and the next closest being Tony LaRussa with 55.

News also comes that Jim Tracy today received a 3 year contract to remain the Rockies manager. This of course is a great move by Dan O’Dowd and Rockies ownership. My biggest hope is that O’Dowd and Tracy will continue to work together and continue to work the magic they displayed this past season. My biggest fear is that somewhere down the line Rockies ownership doesn’t begin dumping players and salaries just for the sake of doing so, in thinking that Tracy can get every player who comes in wearing a Rockies uniform to get and stay on the same page as the rest of the team. I’m not saying Tracy doesn’t have the ability to keep his team on the same page, but that this alone doesn’t justify ownership to just begin dumping salaries.

Ownership if anything should honestly step back and let O’Dowd and Tracy do their jobs, even more next season. That’s not to say ownership should not be involved or informed, but to allow them both to do what has gotten them to the point of where they are today.

** EXTRA INNINGS – I’m sure alot of you have been wondering where I’ve been as of late. I wasn’t planning to take the offseason off from blogging, but things happen and with a fulltime job and a full courseload this semester the blog had to take a back seat for a while. Expect to see more entries to the blog as the semester winds down and the offseason begins to unwrap itself.


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