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NLDS Preview, Rox vs Phils…

So we’re back where we were two years ago this time in having to face the Phillies in the first round of the playoffs and we all know how it turned out in ’07. Now I don’t see the Rockies sweeping the Phillies this time around, especially at Citizen’s Bank Park and the Rockies coming into this series on a 2 game losing streak. And eventhough it was 2 months ago the Rockies lost 2 of 3 to the Phillies on the road. But like in 2007, stranger things have happened.

Not that Major League Baseball needs my approval on things, but I dont like the start times for these first two games in Philadelphia. And it seems that even the fans in Philadelphia dont care for the times either. Many fans are having to sell their tickets instead of not being able to attend the games themselves, due to the 2:37 afternoon start times as read here in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Why schedule the games when the majority of fans can’t make the sacrifice to skip work and attend or when the majority of the country aren’t able to gather at their favorite watering hole with friends and watch the game. Sure you can follow it online, but it seems to me that MLB is shooting themselves in the foot from a revenue standpoint by not having these games scheduled in the early evening hours.

The pitching matchup in the first game is going to be a good one. It’s hard to say which team the matchup favors, but part of me, says it favors the Rockies, mostly because I am a big fan of Jimenez. For the Rockies to win this series they need to produce on the offensive side. That means they not only need to hit, but they need to score runs. Any opportunity they can take to put runs on the board the better their chances. That’s going to mean being more aggressive on the bases, but not taking unnecessary chances and not getting away from playing their brand of baseball. The other thing the Rockies will need to do to win this series goes along with the hitting is they have to get to the Phillies bullpen first. Lidge has had his struggles towards the end of the season and so he may not be the first one out of the bullpen to come in for a save opportunity, not to mention injuries to the bullpen overall. 

The Phillies roster has been set according to the High Cheese blog from the Philadelphia Inquirer.


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