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Rockies roll into the playoffs…

The Rockies battered the Brewers yesterday to the tune of 9-2 and are officially in the playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years. The Rockies are currently on a 3 game winning streak as they head into the final regular season series against the Dodgers who lead by only 2 games. So the Rockies have a lot to play for this weekend. Sweeping this series of course means the Rockies will win their first NL West title, but if you’ve followed this team for longer than the last 6 weeks of the season then you already know the Rockies do not play the Dodgers well, especially at Dodger Stadium. So here in lies the beginning of the worry that I have going into this series. But on the flipside the Dodgers are on a 4 game losing streak and if you’re wondering the Dodgers this season are 8-9 in games after having a day off.

Who woke up Garrett Atkins yesterday? Atkins went 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs and scoring a run despite still batting .226. Tulo was perfect with a 3 for 3 day and Barmes and Helton also had multi-hit games. I believe it’s safe to say that Aaron Cook is certainly back from injury and in midseason form after his 8 inning performance, allowing only 4 hits, a run and a walk. I really like the fact that Tracy gave Morales the ball to finish out the game in the 9th. Franklin Morales who certainly doesn’t lack any confidence in his abilities, will take that single inning yesterday into the upcoming playoffs with an even greater confidence to get the job done. The Rockies with Street and Morales both as closers have an advantage I think than most other teams going into the playoffs. The Rockies have Ubaldo Jimenez (14-12) going up against Randy Wolf (11-6).


** I really don’t read the Denver Post for obvious reasons and here are two more reasons why. First of all the front page headline reads, “ROCK-2-BER”, a terrible play on the word Rocktober. We all know it’s the second time around in recent years in the playoffs for the Rockies, but come one Denver Post, you couldn’t have come up with something better?! The second reason is that one the front page of the sports section they have the nerve to put the college football section and Colorado Buffs who lost (imagine that) to West Virginia and not have the Rockies as your number one story. Even Joe Sakic’s number being lifted to the rafters at the Pepsi Center last night ranks over the failing and pathetic CU Buffs. Who’s running the Denver Post really? (I’m getting off of my soapbox now).


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