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Rockies fail to sweep Mets…

The Rockies somehow cant seem to get more than a game ahead of the Giants in the NL Wildcard race. We win, they win, we lose, they lose. I dont have a problem with the Rockies losing if the Giants lose, but come on! There’s no way the Rockies shouldn’t have swept the Mets in this series. But of course it didn’t happen. Jason Marquis had a bad 4 run inning in the 5th and no offense to back him up through the first 6 innings. The bats didn’t awaken until the 7th when the Rockies scored 2 runs when Chris Iannetta and Ian Stewart both hit solo homeruns. Then in the 8th Barmes replicated with a solo shot of his own. The Rockies went 0 for 6 with runners in scoring position.

The Phillies did the Rockies a favor by beating the Giants 2-1 to maintain their 1 game lead in the NL Wildcard race. The Giants are in Milwaukee for the next 3 games before returning to AT&T Park to face the Padres. While the Rockies begin tonight a 3 game series against the D’backs, followed by 4 against the Reds. This schedule clearly favors the Rockies and they need to do all they can to take both series.

Jason Hammel (8-7, 4.40) faces Dan Haren (13-8, 2.78) tonight.


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