blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

Rockies hang on again, 5-4 over Nationals…

It’s true that a win is a win and I will certainly take any win the Rockies get along the way. But I dont think the Rockies can continue to play games the way the have like last night and expect to keep winning. Sooner or later their luck is going to run out and the losses will begin to pile up. Overall offensively in last night’ game the Rockies were horrible. If it weren’t for Barmes and Gonzalez homeruns, the Rockies couldn’t have won the game. There were too many pitches being taken as strikes and not enough agressiveness at the plate. There were too many runners being left on base, last night there were 12. 3 of those were in the first inning with bases loaded. The Rockies should’ve blown the game open in the first 2 innings. Jason Marquis at times struggled a bit from the mound, but did manage to get his 14th win on the season. The bullpen held up well with Morales and Betancourt and Huston Street got his 31st save on the season to lead the NL.

I have to expect Yorvit Torrealba to play in Thursday’s game. Chris Iannetta went 0 for 5 last night (0 for 8 in the series) and is batting .221, I have to question why he is still in the lineup. Give Chris a couple of games off and some extra time in the batting cages.

Jason Hammel (7-7, 4.73) faces Garrett Mock (2-4, 5.27) tonight, gametime 7:05(EST), 5:05(MST).

BATTER’S EYE – FSN play by play guy for the Rockies, Drew Goodman was seen at the Newseum yesterday as I was purchasing my admission ticket.

Here are a few pics from Wednesday’s game.


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