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Rockies nip Nationals 4-3, maintain wildcard lead.

Carlos GonzalezTuesday night’s game was just a sample of what I think we can expect over the next 2 games against the Nationals. It’s not going to be easy. Ubaldo Jimenez was solid and at first it looked as if the offense was not going to measure up in the area of run support, but one by one the Rockies ended the night with 3 solo homers. Carlos Gonzalez has hit 5 homeruns in the last 7 games. Clint Barmes and Brad Hawpe also got in on the action with solo homeruns of their own. The Rockies didnt create many scoring chances only getting 3 runners in scoring position and going 0-3. The Rox only managed 6 hits in the game, but 3 of those hits got the job done and the win. Jimenez got his 11th win of the season through 8 innings on 108 pitches.

Nyjer MorganIf you hadn’t noticed Nyjer Morgan twice before in his two visits to Coors Field this season, once with the Pirates and with the Nationals. Morgan is a solid and speedy centerfielder, maybe faster than Dexter Fowler. Morgan is also great with the bat as well. He leads the Nationals with a .310 batting average and last night went 3 for 4 with an RBI and a stolen base. Clearly in watching him play you can see he is a difference maker. Nationals fan love his attitude, athleticism and his hustle even loudly applauding him on a sacrifice bunt where he was thrown out at first by just a half step if even that much.

The second game of the series has Jason Marquis (13-8, 3.55) facing Collin Balester(1-2, 6.00). This could become another slow game early on where as no Rockies players has ever face Balester, so it may take an inning or two to figure him out.

QUOTE OF THE GAME – “When you have a guy like [Jiménez],” said first baseman Adam Dunn, who went 0 for 4, “getting him up against the ropes early in the game like that and you have chances to kind of pad your lead a little bit and you don’t do it, that’s our fault.” – Washington Post

Below are photos from the first game of the series between the Rockies and Nationals.


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