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Rox try to reel in Marlins in doubleheader….

In case some were wondering, I did make it safely to Washington DC yesterday, getting in around 3pm. I rested up a bit, scouted the Nationals on television as they played the Reds at Great American Ballpark holding on to win 10-6. I will say the Nationals look like a much better team than the last time we faced them at Coors Field earlier in the season. So this series may look like it could be a cakewalk on paper, will not be that easy. I dont say that just because they were facing the Reds yesterday, but since the acquisition of centerfielder Nyjer Morgan and others, the team’s play has drastically improved or maybe it has to do with Many Acta no longer being the manager.

Anyway enough on the Nats until the preview coming tomorrow. The Rockies and Marlins were rained out yesterday and will today play two with Aaron Cook (10-4, 3.93) who missed his last start resting his big toe, will be facing Chris Volstad (8-9, 4.71) and in the second game Jorge De La Rosa(10-8, 4.78) is scheduled to face Rick VandenHurk(2-1, 4.15).

The Rox still hold a 1 game lead in the NL Wildcard race and should maintain that lead or at least be tied by the end of the day depending on what happens in New York with the Giants and Mets series. The Rockies have a great chance of slowing down the Marlins with Cook and De La Rosa on the hill today. Let’s hope the unscheduled day off yesterday doesn’t hurt the Rockies chances offensively at the plate today.

My recap of the Rockies doubleheader will be much later today as I am on my way up to Baltimore this morning to take in the Orioles and Angels at Oriole Park and who knows what else I may find myself getting into after the game. Suggestions?


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