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Cubs(57-49) @ Rockies(59-49) Preview…

CubsI always enjoy it each year when the Cubs and their fans come to town, but this season it’s a little more special as both teams are in playoff contention. The Rockies are a game ahead of the Cubs for the NL Wildcard, but at the same time are also a game behind of the Giants who lead the NL Wildcard race. The Cubs come into the series leading the NL Central and have split the 2 game series between the two teams back in April. The Rox are 65-74 overall against the Cubs, 33-37 at Coors Field.

Alfonso Soriano (19) and Derrek Lee(22) lead the Cubs in homeruns. First baseman Aramis Ramirez who has only appeared in 41 games this season leads the team with a .331 batting average. Soriano is at times overly aggressive has struck out 101 times in 408 at bats.

The Cubs get catcher Geovany Soto back in the lineup tonight after missing the last 3 and a half weeks with a strained oblique muscle. Soto will catch the Big Z, Carlos Zambrano(7-4, 3.35) who face Ubaldo Jimenez(8-9, 3.76) for the Rockies.

Wanna piss off Cubs manager Lou Pinella? Just do what the Marlins did last week and bring a goat to the game. Story here.

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