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5-5 road trip, acceptable but not good enough…

The Rockies finished the road trip the way they began it, on a losing streak. The Rockies return to Coors Field with a road trip record of 5-5. Some fans may see that an acceptable record and that can be said considering the lack of offense throughout. But this team has been different since Tracy took over and with an over .500 record on the road and at home this season, when they’re on the road I expect better than average results. If as fans and followers of this team we continue to be content with average production, then I want to know why exactly. Do we not want to set our selves up too high and be severely disappointed in the end if it doesn’t happen. Or are we just happy going along with the status quo of this team and it’s history of play on the road and at Coors Field? We hear broadcasters, radio and tv personalities, and even coaches say it all the time. “If we can just play .500 ball on the road and take care of business at home yadda yadda yadda……” Well I want my teams to shoot for being better than average. If you go into a series with a half-assed attitude of “If we’s” then the team has already defeated itself through half of any series it plays. And in the minds of players and fans the acceptance of this level of mediocrity is somehow OK. Sure a 5-5 roadtrip is better than a 4-6 or 3-7 roadtrip or certainly better than a 1-9 roadtrip, but I can’t completely accept a 5-5 road record when I know the talent this team has. We (the fans, media, etc) need to change the attitude of how we think about this team’s performance and its capabilities. We should expect more out of this year’s team, for them to shoot for the moon and be more willing to accept their shortcomings instead of shooting for the average and just accepting it. That’s why I said at the start of the roadtrip the Rockies need to go 7-3. I believe they have the talent to have acheived that but we all know it didn’t happen. I just want the Rockies to not sell themselves short.


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