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Rockies(55-47) @ Reds(45-56) Preview…

RedsPlaying the Reds is coming at a good point in the roadtrip after almost being swept by the Mets. The Rockies have a better chance to begin to turn this roadtrip around with Aaron Cook, Ubaldo Jimenez and Jason Marquis as the starting rotation the next 3 games. A sweep here and things don’t look so bad before heading into Philadelphia to face the Phillies.

The Rockies tonight will face Justin Lehr, a recent callup from Triple A Louisville where he had a record of 13-3 and a 3.31 ERA. The remainder of the three game series has the Rockies facing Homer Bailey (2-2, 6.87). How can you resist a name like Homer? And in the third game the Rox will face Bronson Arroyo who today in an article in the Boston Herald admitted to taking PEDs, namely Andro plus some amphetamines as well when he played with the Red Sox during the 2003-2005 seasons. Story here. My favorite quote of this story is this one.

“Before 2004, none of us paid any attention to anything we took.” – Bronson Arroyo (from the Boston Herald website).

I admire the fact that he admitted his involvement.  I say admit it and let’s move on. Arroyo this season is 10-10 with an ERA of 5.17.

The rockies will face former teammate Willy Taveras who leads the Reds in stolen bases (21). No Jerry Hairston Jr as it looks like he’s been traded to the Yankees. But according to Sports Illustrated, the Reds could be getting Scott Rolen, pending he disallows a no-trade clause.


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