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Rox lose 3rd in a row, Mets go for sweep…

So let’s see the trade deadline is tomorrow and the Rockies with very little money to spend, aren’t looking to do anything more it seems. The Rockies have lost their 3rd straight, still there’s no need to panic. But the Rockies have been outscored 11-0 in the last 2 games, and even worse outscored 18-3 over the first 3 games out of 4 against the Mets.

Jason Hammel basically threw batting practice today, having only lasted an inning and a third, giving up 5 runs on 7 hits. Offensively the Rox were only able to manufacture 4 hits, one of those by Josh Fogg, who replaced Hammel in the 2nd inning. Fowler, Helton and Tulo got the teams other 3 hits.

The Rockies had better begin to find some answers and soon, like before the start of the 2nd game of today’s doubleheader. As the Giants continue to make moves to their roster to bolseter their chances at the NL Wildcard, with the addition of Freddy Sanchez yesterday from the Pirates and the Dodgers getting reliever George Sherrill from the Orioles.

With Jorge De La Rosa on the hill tonight for the Rockies, there is a good chance the Rox can get back on track, but the offense must wake up from it’s slumber and put some sorely needed runs on the board.

Maybe their luck will turn around before they head off to Cincinnati.


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