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Deadline approaching…Are Rox done?

With the trade deadline fast approching in the next 3 days my question to you would be, are the Rockies done dealing? The Rockies acquired Rafael Betancourt last week in a trade with the Indians who were looking to unload 5 million from their payroll and in return got Rockies pitching prospect Connor Graham. A much needed arm in the bullpen for the remainder of the season for very little cost, basic economics.

Aside from the dilusional thoughts by many especially in the local media of Roy “Doc” Halladay coming to Coors Field which was never going to happen. Do you think the Rockies should stand pat with the roster they have as they make their way to a possible 2nd post season appearance in 3 years? Or do they maybe go after another need like maybe another pitcher or a big bat? I do believe that the Rockies did (and maybe still do) have an offer ready to go should a division rival like the Dodgers or Giants made an offer to the Blue Jays for Halladay. I dont believe you begin depleting your farm system for a guy you have a 50-50 chance (if that much) of resigning at the end of his contract in 2010. Not that the Rockies would be completely depleting their farm system with the amount of tremendous they currently have, but you get where I’m going with this.

So what more do the Rox need if anything? If the Rockies are not done dealing I would wager they go after another bat. If last night’s game against the Mets was any indication, this team needs to be better at scoring runs. But it has to be a major upgrade over what they currently have. It has to be someone with major league experience and ability to hit and manufacture runs. There is a serious I-25-like backup at the outfield positions with Fowler, Hawpe, Smith, Gonzalez and Spilly. Spilly the talk of a few trade rumors early on may be the one player to move. You don’t win league titles, division pennants and championships today with the promise of future potential or tremendous upside. Ken Rosenthal and reported yesterday that the Rockies are done dealing it seems. I wouldn’t bet against that just yet. Be it a bigger bat in the lineup or another arm to the pitching staff, the Rockies I can’t believe aren’t yet done dealing.


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