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Rox lose again as offense sputters…

The all-star break can’t come quick enough for the Colorado Rockies who’ve lost their 2nd straight. The offense as of late it seems is already on break. The last two games the Rockies playing what I’d like to refer to as Hurdleball. Hurdleball which we’ve seen numerous times, is where the offense is very little early in the game, runners get into scoring position (see Dexter Fowlers stand up triple with 1 out in the third inning) and the following batters in the lineup can’t bring the runners home. Hurdleball also consists of first pitch swings at the start of the inning that result in flyball outs (see Brad Hawpe). The one last attribute of Hurdleball is suddenly late in the game, usually the 8th or 9th innings, the team decides they might need to score some runs and become more patient in their at-bats. Runs are scored, though usually not enough as was the case last night. Though Marquis didn’t have his best stuff last night, this loss falls on the shoulders of the offense and not capitalizing early with poor at-bats.

Rockies will need to bounce back this afternoon to go 6-4 during the homestand. Jason Hammel (5-4) faces Kris Medlen (2-3).

STAT OF THE GAME: Rockies went 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “We definitely had some opportunities and didn’t capitalize on them, and that’s a big part of winning a game.” said Fowler.


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