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Nationals(24-55) @ Rockies(42-39) Preview…

natsAt one point earlier in the season (April and early May) these two teams had the worst records in Major League Baseball. Things have certainly changed for the better for the Rockies and for the Nationals though they’ve been more competitive in recent weeks, it’s been the same old status quo so to speak. The Nats have a record of 8-12 over their last 20 games, winning both 3 game series against the Yankees and Blue Jays, and also splitting a 4 game series with the Braves. The Rockies are in a bit of a tail spin having lost the last 2 series against the Dodgers and D’backs, by 2 games to 1 in each series.

Nationals Outfielder Nyjer Morgan recently acquired from the Pirates makes his return to Coors Field leads the team in stolen bases with 20. All-star section Ryan Zimmerman is second on the team in homeruns with 13, while Adam Dunn leads the Nats with 22. No other player on the roster are in double figures in homeruns. Christian Guzman leads the team with a .318 batting average.

Rockies All-star selection Jason Marquis (10-5) will face Craig Stammen (1-3) for the Nationals.

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