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Streak changing direction, Rox drop 2nd straight…

Seriously there’s no need to panic here. So the Rox drop the second straight, it’s gonna happen. So don’t go jumping off the bandwagon just yet. With a day off today, how they bounce back tomorrow and through the weekend against the Athletics is what matters before heading to LA to face the Dodgers next week. 

Marquis lasted only 3.1 innings on 7 earned runs and 9 hits. Garrett Atkins had the best night at the plate for the Rockies, going 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs.

Again it’s not a time to panic or begin to question the identity of this team. If they lose to the next 3 in Oakland, then we can begin to ask those questions, because then at that point they would be back at a game under .500.

As some of you know the humidor and I are on the road tomorrow morning (OK, in the air if you want to be technical about it) to the Bay Area for the Oakland series. My Rockies/Athletics preview will be posted either later today or tomorrow morning from the airport here in Denver. Plenty of pictures and posts to come over the weekend.


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