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Rockies clip Angels wings…

It’s funny I look at the title of this post and I can’t help but hear the song “Broken Wings” by Mr Mister. 

Ok enough of that, now if I could just get that song out of my freakin’ head. The Rockies are rolling right along, now having won 17 of 18 after beatingthe Angels 11-1. Aaron Cook shuts down the Angels only allowing 3 hits and 1 run through 7 innings. Cook is now 7-3 on the season and set a team record for carrer wins with his 59th. I like Seth Smith in the DH position, it’s good to see him on a more regular basis and over these next 5 games we should see alot more of him.

It’s also great to see Fowler and Tulowitzki’s batting averages rise over the last couple of weeks. Fowler is hitting .267 and Tulo is hitting .260. Brad Hawpe went 2 for 4 with 3 RBIs last night. How Brad Hawpe doesn’t make the all-star team this year I dont know. Should he not make it as an all-star this year, the majority of Rockies fans or the ones who claim to be fans are to blame for not voting or not voting enough. The Rockies do not have any player in the top 5 of any of the all-star positions, and no outfielder even in the top 15 in voting.

Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez (6-6) goes for his 7th win of the season tonight against Sean O’Sullivan (1-0).


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