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Have the Rockies turned the corner?

The Rockies have taken Coors Field with them on the road the last 3 games, outscoring the opposition 31-8. Pitching and hitting have both come together in consecutive games. So the questions begs to be answered. Have the Rockies turned the corner on their season? Regardless of whether or not they win this afternoon, I ask this to find out if the Rockies have now begun to play competitive baseball game in and game out since the series with the Astros? Is this type of play the last 3 games something we can become accustomed to seeing throughout the rest of the season or will they fall back into their playing ways of April and early May? What is good about what is going on right now with the Rox is that it is happening on the road and against a top notch team like the Cardinals. Will it translate when they return to Coors Field next weekend against lesser teams like the Mariners?


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