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One week later…

One week ago the Rockies had dismissed manager Clint Hurdle and made then bench coach Jim Tracy their new manager. The Rockies got off to a fast start winning their first two under their new skipper and then fell hard losing the next four. Then last night they found their way back into the win column with a 10-3 win over the Astros. It’s kinda refreshing listening to Tracy speak about the team and what he thinks they need to do to win games. It’s not the same old excuses, or lack of, that Hurdle fed to the media and to fans. While the results so far haven’t been as dynamic as some would hope 3-4 is not a horrible record after a week considering the injuries and other distractions this team has seen in that time. Tracy is still trying to find the right combination of guys to field and get some consistency from his new team. He’s gonna need time and I hope it comes sooner than later.

If the threat of going down to Triple A makes Garrett Atkins going 2 for 4 on the night in last night’s game, then maybe the Rockies should’ve put that threat out there some time ago. Now one game doesn’t constitute breaking out of a slump but going 2 for 4, with 2 homeruns and 3 RBIs is certainly on the fast track to slump breaking success.

Carlos Gonzalez gets the call to join the Rockies from Triple A Colorado Springs and hopefully provide a jolt to an inconsistent and sputtering offense. Matt Murton is being recalled to Triple A. 

Congratulations to Jason Hammel (2-4) getting his second win on the season. Hammel with plenty of run support went 7 innings striking out 4.

Brad Hawpe, Todd Helton and Jason Marquis will be making the first of two stops in St Louis this season, the second hopefully being the all-star game in July. Strong cases are being made for Helton and Hawpe but not so much for Marquis. Jason at 7-4 on the season is tied with 4 other starters for the lead in wins in the National League. So that alone should be reason to get more votes out there for Jason.

The Rox are in St. Louis for a 4 game series starting tonight with the matchup of Jorge De La Rosa (0-6) vs Adam Wainwright (5-3).


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