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A bad week thus far…

It would be a bit of an understatement to say that the Rockies have had a less than stellar week. The Rockies have dropped their 4th straight loss, losing last night 6-4 to the Astros. Yorvit Torrealba leaves the team for personal reasons, while Chris Iannetta is still on the DL, leaving Phillips and Bellorin to handle the catching duties. Troy Tulowitzki has a hand injury and though the x-rays are negative, there is still swelling, so he hasnt been in the lineup. Garrett Atkins may be going down to Triple A. And depending on how you feel about it, the Rockies may be leaving Tucson for a shared spring training facility outside of Scottsdale with the Diamondbacks in 2011.

If Atkins is to go to Triple A, it needs to happen right away if for no other reason than to sooner boost his confidence hitting against lesser pitching. Atkins can’t afford to be afraid of Ian Stewart taking over at third in his absence whether temporary or permanent.

Tulo being out of the lineup is not a bad thing at the moment, though his batting average is better in May than in April, he’s still underperforming at the plate. Defensively Tulo will be missed, but Omar Quintanilla will see more time at either position be it shortstop or second base with Clint Barmes. If results of an MRI show more damage, then expect a brief rehab stint in Triple A for Tulowitzki.

Let’s all wish Yorvit Torrealba a speedy return from Venezuela.  

I am a little torn about the Rockies leaving Tucson eventually. The economics of it all makes sense as to why it needs to happen. Though I’m probably one of a few, I like Tucson. I have a big problem with sharing a spring training facility, and an even bigger one sharing one with the Diamondbacks. But that’s not for me to decide, now is it?

Rockies finish up their 4 game series with the Astros tonight. The matchup is Jason Hammel (1-3) against Wandy Rodriguez (5-4).


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