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Rockies go 2-0 under Tracy and win series…

It was almost like 2007 all over again. The Rockies and Padres again played to the bitter end and this time it was Garrett Atkins and not Matt Holliday sliding into home plate to snatch victory from the Padres by a score of 8-7 to win their 4th series of the season and their second straight win under new manager Jim Tracy. The crowd was on the edge of their seats most of the night as the Padres took the lead and the Rockies made comeback after comeback and when the close play at the plate in the 9th inning resulted in a win, one would’ve thought the Rockies again had thrust itself into the playoffs like it had 2 long years ago.

The Rockies have had a tremendous weight lifted off of their shoulders and tonight it was even more evident than the previous night since Tracy took over the helm as manager. It’s only 2 games but so far the team has responded to Tracy. They don’t seem to be pressing as much and the at-bats seem to have become “patiently aggressive” overall. Again we’re only talking about 2 games, but it is definitely a good sign and a good start for the team and Tracy. The real test will be how they play on the road beginning Monday.

Tomorrow’s matchup will be Jorge De La Rosa (0-5) for the Rockies against Chad Gaudin (1-3), gametime 1:10pm.


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