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Hey, who’s the new guy?!

Well he’s not so new, he’s just in a new position as the manager of the Rockies, Jim Tracy. Tracy was hired on during the offseason to be the bench coach for the 2009 season and as of this afternoon, was promoted to manager upon Hurdle’s dismissal.

Jim Tracy does come into the position with major league managing experience, most recently with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2006 and 2007 seasons. There Tracy compiled a record of 135-189 (42%). Prior to the stint in Pittsburgh, Tracy managed the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2001-2005 with 4 of the 5 seasons posting winning records and an overall record with the Dodgers of 427-383 (53%).

What this means for the Rockies exactly is gonna be difficult to decipher, mostly depending on how the players will respond to Tracy. But if you look at Tracy’s record with the Dodgers and the talent on those teams, not to mention the lack of strength of the NL West there’s good reasons why he was as successful as he was there. It started with the organization, the players and his ability to manage that talent to winning records. On the other hand his two seasons in Pittsburgh brought the opposite results, mostly due to the Pirates as an organization, are not in the same class as the Dodgers. The level of talent is far less superior to the Dodgers Thus resulting in two losing seasons. I see the Rockies as somewhere in the middle, above average if you will. The talent and organization, while not as great as the Dodgers, is certainly better than what they have in Pittsburgh, though the Pirates are making strides with players like Nate McLouth and Freddy Sanchez. Again it all comes down to how the Rockies will respond to their new manager, but I do see the Rockies being more competitive throughout the rest of the season now that this great weight has been lifted off their shoulders. The lineups should be more consistent and there might be a little more fire in this team. Time will tell, but it all begins to unfold this evening at 7:10 pm.


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