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Dodgers pummel Rox 16-6

Well May 25th has come and gone. If you’ve been following my posts then you know that May 25th was one of two dates that I had chosen that would be the final day for Clint Hurdle as manager of the Rockies. It seems like the 5-5 roadtrip including the series win over the Tigers may have saved Hurdle’s job for at least another 2 weeks or so. But what happened yesterday at Coors Field was something that was not for the weak at heart. The Rcokies gave up 19 hits, 16 runs and an RISP percentage of 66% for the Dodgers, while the Rockies on their own 6 runs, 8 hits and an RISP percentage of 22%. The surprising stat on the day was out of the 22 total runs scored between both teams there were no homeruns. De La Rosa is now 0-5 on the season and I’m wondering how many other teams would continue to have an 0-5 starter in their rotation? Are the Rockies simply handicapped at the position with injuries and lack of readily available talent to call up from Triple-A or even Double-A? I’m not saying that all of De La Rosa’s losses are his fault, but yesterday only lasting 3 and a third innings and giving up 7 runs in the process is inexcusable, eventhough he had 6 strikeouts. Because he had those 6 strikeouts makes it even more inexcusable than if he didn’t have any strikeouts in those three innings.

If Clint Hurdle does make it through the end of the year, I still don’t believe he should be retained as manager anyway. His personality and managing style no longer are a good fit for this team. When you’re 12 games out of first place in May something has to be done. The Rockies owe it to the players and the fans if something is to be salvaged and there are still reasons to want to go to Coors Field. The season has been an experiment of sorts and will continue to be until new management and new direction is given. As a fan of the game and the team I will always have a reason to go to Coors Field, but I’m not a fan of the Rockies not putting the best product on the field possible. My second predicted date for Hurdle’s departure if you’re wondering is June 12th.


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