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Rockies bounce back, scalp Braves 9-0…

I don’t know if the Rockies got the message with Tulo’s benching or maybe it was Aaron Cook’s awesome performance last night on the hill, but either way the Rockies for at least one game got back on track and shutout the Braves to finish the series with a split 2-2. This in no ways means that Hurdle is off the hook, it’s just one game and even winning the upcoming series beginning today in Detroit doesn’t mean everything’s roses either. Oh yea give Todd Helton some credit as well in last night’s game with a grandslam in the 4th inning. Is it enough to save Hurdle’s job? Not by a long shot.

Who says you can’t go home again? The Rox Jason Grilli heads back to Detroit this weekend against his former team. Is it me or does it seem like we always have the Tigers on the schedule for interleague games each year? The Rockies and Tigers have played every year since 2003, except the ’06 and ’07 seasons. Last season the Rockies were swept in the 3 game series with the Tigers after being swept by the Royals the series prior. Unfortunately I witnessed the Royals sweep in person last season. The Rockies are 9-6 all time against the Tigers, but just 2-4 at Comerica Park. The Tigers are currently on a 6 game win streak, leading the AL Central by 3 games.

The probables for the Rockies are Jimenez (3-4), Marquis (5-3) and Hammel (0-3) against the Tigers, Porcello (4-3), Galarraga (3-3), and Willis (1-0).

The Rockies have been outscored by opponents so far on the season 202 to 204. Not a good stat when you look at the Tigers who have outscored opponents 214 to 176. The Rockies need to take 2 of 3 from the Tigers to come home 5-5 for the roadtrip.


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