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Falling on deaf ears?..

deaf-1If I hate listening to Clint Hurdle give the same basic excuse for why this team is not winning then I can imagine the players feel the same having to listen to Hurdle game in and game out. Ultimately the players themselves are to blame for the teams poor and inconsistent performance throughout the season. But one has to wonder if Hurdle has already lost this team and being 12 1/2 games out of first place in the division, one could honestly make that case. If Hurdle has lost this team what does this mean for not only Hurdle, but some of the players as well? When will Hurdle be dismissed from managing the Rockies? Does ownership (who just last week gave him a vote of confidence) allow Hurdle to continue on until the end of the season then let him go and O’ Dowd as well? Do key pieces to the puzzle get traded during the season, like Atkins? Despite his .194 average there are a number of teams I’m sure who would take him immediately. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate in a way and go as far to ask, did Matt Holliday see something like this possibly happening to this team as one reason why he didn’t sign an extension? Sure, money and length of contract were reasons why Holliday didn’t sign? But was Hurdle’s management style one of the reasons or was it the lack of a winning atmosphere in the clubhouse and within the organization, despite a trip to the World Series in 2007? Did Willy Taveras steal 68 bases last season not only to help the Rockies win games and bring excitement to the fans, but also personally audition himself to other teams? Did he breathe a sigh of relief at season’s end, knowing he wouldn’t be coming back to the Rockies and their brand of Hurdle-led baseball? Which players on the team right now are hoping to land elsewhere either during the season on in the upcoming offseason? These are valid questions and to which will may never know the honest answers to.

Last week Rockies ownership mentioned not wanting to make a change just for the sake of doing so. Well if you’re reading between the lines that means we as fans are in for the long haul for the remainder of the season with Hurdle at the helm. But I would advise the Monforts to reconsider that position and make a change soon, so as to give the team as well as us, the fans, a feeling that a new direction is being taken and the chance to relive the feeling we all had back on opening day of this season, a sense of hope and a reason to believe again.

Let’s go Rockies!


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