blogging Colorado Rockies baseball…

1999 and STILL waiting….

Jason Marquis rebounded nicely against his former team to go 5-3 on the season. I wonder if Hurdle should’ve allowed Marquis to continue on to get a complete game. Marquis left with 103 pitches and best case scenario would be an additonal 3 pitches to finish the game. I don’t put alot of weight or belief behind the idea of pitch counts and the same goes for middle inning relievers, but they are a part of today’s game. I would’ve liked to have seen Marquis go the distance, but I’m sure Hurdle felt as though he needed to get Huston Street some work, though it wasn’t a save opportunity.

Todd Helton is still waiting word on his 2000th hit from last night’s game. I dont understand this really. Move on already! Helton’s 2000th hit will come tonight or over the next day or two. To give it to him now, today, in my opinion puts a major damper on the celebration of this historic milestone. Not only for Todd and his family but for his teammates, the media and fans as well. It’s just another thing that Major League Baseball can’t seem to get right and in a timely manner. Should we be at all surprised?


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